[DASH/XDN/XMR/SDC] Comparison between the most known anonymous


This thread is very interesting:


I think that shadowcash may win this race if its tech is as good as stated. It has POS whereas the others don’t.



Only this in regards to SDC. The arrow marks the day I bought my first SDC :wink:


Yeah, I am dumping DRK and moving to this one.


Bit late in the game :slight_smile:


hmmm…i think this coin will go a lot higher yet. gonna get some :slight_smile:


I’ll buy for 0.5 BTC ( pending confirmation ) … I hope I’ll make a good move


Bought 604 Shadowcash.


Ok wow…already 10% profit… I was wondering if I should sell and only keep the profit but when I saw that 8.7 btc wall being destroyed in 20 minutes and see all those buy…fuckk off I’ll keep that shadow cash :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks very much for that thread I didnt knew about them before that.


Wow guys :open_mouth: WALL IS DESTROYED :open_mouth: Now in the 0.0008 range :open_mouth:


I purchased 1400. I saw the wall, was waiting to see if it was going to be withdrawn. LOL


There is also another 8000 block at 0.00195


lolll same xD so nice going to the moon lol

Would be nice to see that coin hit better than xpy :stuck_out_tongue:

Now in the 0.00082 - 0.00083 range,…Guess I’ll have a good night sleep xD


LOL. I would also like to see the coin do well. I am beginning to realize that the best crypto investments often have to do with the dark web. :wink: Until they try to clean up their act (like Dash).


Totally true.

And lol…Dash…Now instead of a coin I feel like I would hold an all-usage house cleaner xD


Gimme a shout when SDC hits $20 :wink:


Well, since it is encroaching $0.25, it shouldn’t be too long. LOL


Wow really…Going up…n up…n up :beers: