DCR - Decred POW/POS and stuff


I have to admit I just started reading about this new coin and most of the stuff is way over my head so far, but a few things stand out:

  • devs seem to know what they are talking about
  • a fair amount of transparency
  • features like cold staking and blockchain-based voting
  • lots of interest in mining and trading



Interesting always looking to see whats coming down the line.
EDIT Is that right? 2013???


Interesting concept.

Cold staking and decentralized stake pooling - The ability to generate new coins without the risk of having your coins online when PoS mining. The PoS mining system has also been engineered with distributed, decentralized stake pooling in mind, so that even those with small amounts of stake can participate in network validation.


Yes, the technology seems to have its roots in 2013 if that’s what you mean.


That caught my eye too. Trying to understand how it actually works, someone’s gotta sign the staked block so there must be some clever trick involved.


Here is the full tech ■■■■:

Edit: come on, ■■■■ is a bad word now? :laughing: kindergarten cops…