Delete wallet account with lost password?


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Need help with answering a question.

When I opened my GH Cloud account, I created a GH Wallet account that I now wish to delete. The problem is that I replaced the password for that account in my password manager in a stressed out moment, so now I’m no longer able to delete it.

Now to the question. Is it a possible workaround to make a backup of my complete wallet, and then edit the downloaded text file, and only delete the data concerning the account I wish to delete. Then reset my Cloud account, and finally upload my edited backup file which no longer contains the information regarding the wallet account which i wanted to delete?



Yes that is possible. Export the wallet open it up in notepad++ windows notepad is not very stable with long lines. Then find nw_accounts that is the list of accounts. here is an example it should be all on one line.





You see what you need to delete? also make sure that when you save it you save it all in one line no spaces no new lines.


This block, right? From “id” to “txs”, Including or excluding the last comma?


Including the last comme the next character should be { to indicate the start of another account.


Please ensure that you have 2 backups of your wallet file. One as backup in case you break the edited version.

Alternatively you may always create a new GHcloud account at any time. Since your account only exists on your end you can treat GHcloud accounts in any way you like even as “throw away account” or by owning multiple accounts.


Thanks a lot for all input, it was very helpful! Yes, I made dual backups, one for actual backup, and one for editing. :smile:

I was able to edit the text file to only remove the unwanted, password-less account.

Thanks for your help and advices. :+1:


No problem glad to help you out. I’m going to pin this for future reference.


Cool, maybe it can be transformed into a “forgotten password” tutorial? :wink:

Anyway, thanks again, you guys are providing a really great product, and service!