Desktop Shortcuts


Not sure if what I’m asking is a bit obvious or not, but hey…I can but hope I don’t make myself look a fool.

I want to add a clickable link to my website which would enable someone to instantly add a linked icon to their desktop…the idea being to create a more immersive experience, where they can log in and check up on stuff without specifically opening a browser (even though, essentially, all they’l be doing is opening a stripped out browser)

Confusing enough?


They have the desktop borwser but the user, I think, would have to install an application. I could be way off. But I think I wrapped my head around what you were saying in a way.


Nope you need to try harder.

Bookmarks are possible from within the browser desktop shortcuts not so much. The reason is really security and hackability of the machine that runs the browser so the browser has no real automatic interaction with the directories on the machine.

So simple answer NO


That’s a shame.

I’ve pinned the link to my wallet to my desktop and my mobile and on the desktop, because it opens a stripped out version of chrome, it looks and behaves almost like a little standalone app.

Was hoping I could make that doable for anyone that visits the site and uses the wallet.


You could offer a DL of that link, let the user grab the shortcut manually if they want it. Not sure how to implement it on the site, especially if your using logins that might be tied to cookies and other data to allow people to get into their account without logging in everytime. If your having people login or its a simple cookie storage setup you could create the shortcut on your system and host it.


I’ll have to come back to you about this possibility and follow it up tomorrow (have been summoned by the better half now lol) - if there is someway to go about it, even if it’s a bit of a mash up I don’t mind :slight_smile:


99% of virus scanners will block such a download.

The site @BoB is talking about is a blockstrap wallet hosted on his server. So no need for cookies or anything else just a shortcut with the URL in it.

@BoB It might be better to post an explanation of how to create the shortcut.


You sure about this? His OP simply says his website, not a blockstrap wallet.
Virus scanners won’t block a right click and save download of a shortcut, if they do, they can manually bypass or add his site to the whitelist.


He just said so in his own reply. It really does not matter what website or wallet or whatever it is. There is no way to do this automatically. And posting shortcuts for download I’m sure they get vetted out by virus scanners or at least they should be. If that is not the case we would probably see a lot more stuff going wrong with windows and malware.


Again, you can still host a shortcut that people can manually download, if a click to dl doesn’t work, then instructing people to right click and save as will do it. He could also instruct people on how to create the shortcut for themselves.
Not everyone is running software that will disable or block that download, personally I don’t have any scanners running fulltime, way too much overhead and I know what to look out for, if I think I may have caught something then I do a full sweep across the board and worse case I nuke and reinstall.


Guys, thanks for the chatter, it’s helpful to me, as an utter non developer to get input from people who know what they’re up to.

I’m going to have a look at implementing some sort of click to downloadlink today. If it works, great, if it doesn’t, never mind. Much further down the line I’d like to package it up as an actual app, if that’s within the realms of my limited skill set.

As a side note, while looking through something for someone else, I spotted two nice bits of code I’m also going to see if I can implement. That’s not to say I’ll be capable, but it’s going to be fun trying :laughing:

One is a qr reader which, judging from the way it behaves on my pc would work equally as well via the mobile camera (got to check that) and one is an import key feature which allows you to decrypt BIP38 encrypted private keys.

As I say, I’m far from convinced I’m up to the task, but it’s going to be damn good fun trying to make it work :smiley:



In the course of doing what I’m doing i noticed that the basic functions of blockstrap dont include the option to import a private key.

Dafuq is that even about? You can import it by resetting your device and importing a private key with the SALT component, but not once you are in and go to accounts.

This is fun but frustrating. I’ll get there :laughing:


Be careful with that. I’m sure it’s not what you think it is. When I spoke to the blockstrap devs their idea of having an import was to swipe the imported key and transfer the funds to a newly generated key.

And yeah I had to write the real import private key stuff all myself for ghcloud.


If that’s the case, then you could only really use a backup once then, before it was useless, and you’d have to make a fresh backup any time you do a full SALT import?

How did I know you’d say that. Damnit. Okay, well, I’ve got some code to help me import a private key, and I can suss out enough to create the button and call up the function, but as far as actually turning the imported data into a functioning address in the wallet…



I would suggest testing this very carefully and not with an address that contains a lot of BTC.


Yeah, I’ll do it with empties first of all and check private keys against backups to be sure it worked, then maybe I’ll risk it with some actual coin in there.

This assumes, of course, that I can figure out how to complete the code. Can’t be that hard, it’s all out there, but obviously I find digging through it all tough going :slight_smile:


Why are there two utterly seperate send pages? One being an actual page and one being a pop up thing. That’s just deliberately complicating matters. Well it is for me.

Sod it, I only need one to test on at first. I’ll dig the other one out later, assuming I can get it to work at all.

Now I know how my mate feels when he’s putting together old bikes from parts


Yeah i think they forgot about the full page send page. Never used it myself and I think it’s not even functional.

That is the fun part. Get a bunch of parts and building a whole system that functions properly.


Ahh, that might mess with my cunning plan then…instead of trying to dig out the pop over send form and mess with that I was just going to change the send button to point at the full send page.

What I have just double checked and noticed is that when viewing blockstrap in a mobile the send button at the bottom directs you to the full “send” page, where as the button that, on a desktop, appears to the left, is buried off to the right of the screen.

So, different layouts aimed at different devices. I’ll test the main send page in a bit with a couple of doge or something. If it doesn’t work then the idea of using it mobile is a no go.


Ah never tested that but that could be. A popup on mobile usually does not work that well maybe they did it that way and forgot the full page would be visible in a normal browser.