Destroyed Assets


Well it seem someone did not pay attention when using a Non Color Aware wallet. A whole bunch of assets where destroyed.

here is the list

testd2 0.00000003
PIVY Mining Token 1
GetHashing Platinum 1
Faucet Reaper Token 10 Owners Asset 5
Amalga Bit Coin 1
GetHashing Coin (Shares) 35
Digital Cup of Coffee on the Blockchain 1


They also had all their assets in one address. Sucks :frowning:


I only know two people that own these. @rdyoung and @lothendriel there could be others


oh yeah, overlooked that the first time. Wonder if this was a payout scrape that went wrong.


Yep @lothendriel this is his address 1Ht9CbJSCKMAmoGBdVV5viP9pyuTSnvodN

seems also some DMT was destroyed.


Or a wallet hack all addresses are cleaned out.


god I hope not.


@lothendriel did go and F up.
He had the addresses in mycelium and sent all of the funds out of those addresses to another address.
So we can breathe a sigh of relief, it was human error not a hack :smile:


I ■■■■■■ up. I had my GH wallets tied to my mycelium wallet and i sent all the funds from mycelium to hashnest


The good news is, you can get most of those re-created between @keymaster and your own assets.

In other words, at least you destroyed them.


Yep, between us, we should be able to get most of them reissued. There was one at least in that list I don’t recognize, but other than it should all be good.


I should be able to re-issue the destroyed Faucet Reaper tokens.


Calling all asset owners of the following help a brother out?

GHX - @keymaster
GHP - @keymaster
ASIC - @gotram
Faucet Reaper - @FChoox
DMT - @rdyoung
Amalgabit Coin - @rdyoung
COFFEE - @wpstudio

If y’all could reissue then i’d really appreciate it. Sorry for the bother. I’ll accept any responsibility I need to… Thanks :frowning:


I got the PIVY @rdyoung . That’s my lady and I’s personal mining token


Thanks man! :slight_smile: I feel like a boob


I can take care of the abc, but you know full well that you also have access to the dmt :smile:


Well yeah lol. I’ll get it … sheesh. Hard lesson number 4502


I also need to see if I was pack rat enough to have kept a copy of the owners asset. If I didn’t then we can always destroy mine and create a new asset. Maybe CCOA For realz this time :smile:

ABC reissued.


Thanks fellas! Man that almost turned into a bad trip. I deleted the accounts from Mycelium. I was using them really as watch addresses but i, just that once, used it to send for convenience sake. Sheesh


I have to ask. What was hard lesson # 4501? :stuck_out_tongue: