DGC DigitalCoin Discussion


Looks like this coin is back on the block, with a 3.0 wallet, SHA256 mining and an active dev team. BIttrex has it trading around 3000 Satoshis, with about 2500 coins traded per day. Here’s the new site & the current BitToxic thread:



Anyone have any comments about this coin? Any possibility it’s worth doing some mining? Thanks!


If you get any interest then I can add it to our pool


@UnbornZ thanks for sharing I’ll check it out again. How is the new wallet, any amazing features?

@AnimoEsto I think we have the daemon on the server already.


More than likely - I would just have to assign ports and create a pool

I do think I looked at DGC when I was toying with CoiniumServ


@cyberdexter I haven’t loaded code or anything, was looking at profitability widgets & it was high on the list

@AnimoEsto Thanks! I’m not at all certain whether it’s worth mining now or just had a quick wham bam :wink:


Afaik it’s multi-algo right? We’d have to decide if we want put it up for SHA-25 or Scrypt. The latter might be a good idea since we only have LTC on the pool atm for Scrypt.


If you add the coin please add SHA256 as well, I’m only running an Antminer now


I have DGC pencilled in for my next maintenance window