@DirtFighter GH MacBook Fund


He has spoken. No GH MacBook Fund. He does mention another fund that can be setup for another former HTer.

How it all started:

Want @DirtFighter to send back his MacBook to Josh, but don’t want @DirtFighter to lose his MacBook? You can help. Let’s see how many people we can get together and help a stand up guy give his “gift” back to Josh and still have the MacBook that he wants.

Right now, I’m just seeing if there is an interest from our community in helping another member out.

Here’s a few ideas on how we can donate:

  • @DirtFighter creates a new asset address for BTC/GHX donations
  • GHX can be donated, and then at the end of a specified amount of
    time, he can issue a refund. Make sure to post your trans ID in a
    post so he can use it for issuing refunds. Yes, this does require
    you to trust him. If you don’t, see other ways.
  • You simply add up the total amount of BTC collected from a specified
    amount of time from your GHX and donate to his address.
  • You donate a specified amount of BTC.

I’m open to other possible ideas. Now this is all based on @DirtFighter returning the MacBook and hopefully he takes @BoB up on this idea of what to do prior to returning:

[SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud

As per the originating thread, I’m in :smile:


I can send some BLK, in fact I will be happy to send some! @DirtFighter is a stand up guy, and dont deserve a dry ■■■■■■■ from < that CEO >.


Could you provide a bit more detail on this? Like, if he’s got the MacBook, why send it back? Are there concerns over the product, or the method by which it was acquired? Is there a thread somewhere I can look through?




tl;dr: @DirtFighter bought the MacBook through CoinStand and feels his reputation was exploited, to which MrCEO/@jporter replied with snarky remarks. Therefore @DirtFighter is offering to send it back.

@TheBeardedMann - I’m in. I think you should set those addresses up regardless, even if we don’t reach the full amount it’s still a worthwhile effort. BTC, LTC, XPY, CON perhaps.


It’d be funny and interesting to see, but I personally would rather see funds raised for a cause as to help those who are in unique situations due to this whole mess.

@DirtFighter is a sell out anyways :stuck_out_tongue: <3


I’ll contribute something to this as well whenever an address is created.
Never mind helping out good folks like @DirtFighter :smile:


Thanks for the link @suchmoon. I read the thread in its entirety, as well as looking through the conversation about it here and in the GAW/XPY thread.

If my understanding is correct, @DirtFighter used his invite to CoinStand and purchased a MacBook for just under 50XPY. After some investigation, he realized that CoinStand was yet another entity of our favorite CEO. Learning this, he just wants to rid himself of the thing and send it back.

As a community here, we’re trying to setup a donation campaign to get his wife a MacBook of some flavor that she can use without the dirty feelings associated to the CoinStand one.

Personally, I say good for you, @DirtFighter. A lot of people would say to just keep the thing, but you are showing some honor here and would rather be rid of it than feel tarnished by it.


Just got done reading the devil’s replies to @DirtFighter pffff. what a douche. I can’t contribute much, but I’ll do what I can


That sums it up.

I edited the OP with a few ideas for donations. Hopefully @DirtFighter will chime in soon.


LOL… I think @BoB may be going a little overboard with the steps to get rid of the MacBook. We all know that it only takes the exorcism and 1 acid bath. :stuck_out_tongue:


Josh’sBestLover™ here…I’m in for the donations.


WOW!!! thanks for the sentiment folks :slight_smile: You can pump the breaks on that project though…I am not in any kind of hardship over this…He responded in typical “all about me” fashion. He made no mention of wanting it back. If you guys want to raise money for a cause maybe make one for trixter67 ( I think that is his handle ) this is the guy that is dying of cancer and wanted to leave his family something. I don’t know all the details of this particular story but it seems Josh told him to hold the whole time he was selling off knowing this dude was on thin ice…@huey knows who this guys is better than I do

Thanks again


Just keep the MACbook and out the fraudster.

It wasn’t your fault and you’ve been very open in your Constand review from day one. The person in question doesn’t deserve to receive “anything” (back) from anyone.


Great idea on the @trixster67 fund! :slight_smile:


He deserves every opportunity to be ridiculed. Like when he said “you got almost 1k worth of free stuff”. Nicely sums up how he understands those Coinstand orders and XPY value.

It’s almost certain that @jporter won’t take the MacBook back anyway because he doesn’t seem to know where he’s located right now.


Crap!! I forgot to get you the addy for the last “sell out” payment :laughing: :sunglasses:


You’re a better person than most.


I’m down for this as well!


I’m pretty much a porper so I can’t donate to this epic cause but I promise to share any images that come from this with apple and droid users alike for the greater good.