Documentary: The Bitcoin Gospel


Just finished watching this. Not a bad doco.


Very balanced actually.


Saw this today on [spoiler]Shitfacedbook[/spoiler], liking the docu.

(edit: Yay! Circumvented the word filter!)

Edited for the children…they can’t be seeing that.


LOL @rogerver

At the end, he turns a powerful statement into a whiny, blathering rant. I like the guy’s politics, but he needs to get control of himself.


Free speech and such!!! Outrageous…

(side note, forum rules state that one needs to be of legal age to sign up. Should be the job of their parents to ensure that their kids don’t browse sites which might ruin their life before they ever had a chance to pay back their student loan…sarcasm end)


Unless your father owns a peer to peer crypto currency lending site then go find new marks, er leads, on the forums.