Does anyone know


Has anyone ever stumbled across statistics that would show roughly how many people are in the crypto industry; miners, arbitrageurs, etc. ? Thanks


I found something related to bitcoin…


Wow! Thanks! This definitely helps! :smiley:


Not much but I will keep looking.


It does help quite a bit. I am surprised by the lack of numbers out there.


Ok…it might not be exactly what you asked for, but I did come across a trove of info about bitcoin. There might be something of interest to you.


One more link…quite interesting to dig in.


Thanks !! I really appreciate the help! :smiley:


I had totally forgotten about this website. The data there is very illuminating.


I’m glad to help


I been wondering about data like this as well. Sounds like you got a project in the works???


Yes. A potentially large one I hope. Will know more this afternoon. I have a conference call today on this.


You know if we had a vast influx of new people and money come into crypto most of us would really reap the rewards as early adopters. Maybe we need crypto mining and investing “infomercials” like Carleton Sheets of Real estate.


LOL I agree. I thought about this in the bathroom this morning. :smiley: The problem is a matter of information dissemination. It dawned on me today that much of the world of technology never reaches the public through the normal news channels. Would it not be something if we had a TV channel that covered nothing but the world of new technological discoveries/inventions? How long did it take for the first authoritative news channel to actually cover BTC? Moreover, the WSJ has only recently started to dedicate some time and assets in monitoring the industry. The problem really boils down to information dissemination via mainstream news outlets. If you had a channel that covered “all things new tech,” you would have more public exposure to “things crypto.”


Well a person could start with a Roku channel. Roku private channels are very easy to make and reach millions around the world, Spin a podcast off the audio portion and there is a few million more people you could reach. Add that to a nice social media platform Twitter/FB/Reddit etc and you’ll be a few steps away from CNNMoney :smile: Yes I have thought about this very thing but I am an idea man that usually is to lazy to implement the plan myself lol.


LOL Yes, sometimes there is not enough time in the day. The other aspect, at least for me, is how you can monetize it. There are costs involved with such efforts, and we are not exactly sitting pretty as moguls. There has to be a remuneration to these types of efforts, otherwise you are throwing money away and making other people wealthier. This is the sad fact of these types of ideas.


Cool…keep us informed where you can!

A dedicated “tech” TV channel is a great idea. You could start small as a podcast. Because of the nature of the target audience I’m sure it would not take long to grow legs. I bet if a project like that was laid out well and had a slick presentation style it would be easy to get advertisers to monetize it. ( not sure if you where talking about a tech channel or your project to monetize )


The only thing is the rate at which things change in Crypto, it puts Moore’s law to shame. I think this would a big hurdle.