Doge Douche


Some of you may have heard that Ummmmmm Jackson, aka Jackson Palmer, famous for posting internet twitter twatter, said some bad words, and I quote:

Divesting completely from any #crypto assets I hold, including #Bitcoin, #Dogecoin and #Stellar

This is because:

Will be taking an extended leave of absence from the toxic (and quite frankly, stagnant) space that is cryptocurrency

He went on to retweet:

the worst part is that the community is in complete denial regarding how it is perceived by the rest of the world

All this from the guy who invented DogeCoin to demonstrate how absurd Cryptographic Coins are! And now we’re supposed to believe anything he says?

Disclaimer: I bought GAW Hashlets & hand made soap with my DogeCoins. I got Bitcoins with my GAW Hashlets. I got thousands of dollars of Amazon gift certificates with my Bitcoins. I will probably never finish reading all the Kindle books I bought with my Amazon gift certificates. Plus I met lots of cool people on message boards talking about how fun crypto currency is. I even saw a picture of a glass diddler!

Yes, it’s all true. Every word. Soon I will post a completely un-verified account begging for Bitcoin loans on some Russian Lending Club site and I will blow everyone’s mind by paying back every satoshi of the loan!

You just can’t ask for more fun than the world of Crypto! If you agree, please take a moment to tell that Ummm dude what a douche he is on Twitter. He promises to block your account if you do, and there’s nothing funner than that!



Wasn’t one of the other Doge founders a known scammer operating under a pseudonym? The community’s response to that debacle was “DOGE TO THE MOON!!!111”. I have to imagine that their response will be similar this time.


It wasn’t supposed to take off, it was a joke coin like BBQCoin. It was done during the time when [ANN] posts showed up every 5 minutes on BTC. It wasn’t made to change the world like other alts such as Quark, DataCoin, Protoshares, etc. claimed to do.


It’s pretty rare in cryptocurrency that things work out the way they’re “supposed to”. :smile:


Only if the project is managed by people that have a first name starting with J or H.


I stand by my statement, but I’ll add the caveat that it’s not always malicious or intentional. Blockchain technology is pretty wild, and markets tend to do as they please. :smile: