[DONE] Verified on CoinPrism


Just curious why GetHashing hasn’t been verified on CoinPrism. Seems like an easy thing to do.


@cyberdexter has not had the time to prepare it. We did one test though and it worked now it needs to be done for GHX and GHP.




Alrighty. Thanks!


What are we not genuine? Ha… ha anybody? (Windows joke)



Tbh, forgot all about it since the verification only displays on the Coinprism asset directory and we’re moving ways from that anyway (very soon). However, since this “verification” seems to provide some sort of false legitimacy to an asset we’ll update the definitions by Monday.


Isn’t that what we live for EVERYDAY? false legitimacy


GHX has been verified.



Yay such legit!

…watches the price for GHX reach for the :moon:



GHX :rocket: :moon: