Don't cuss his mother


I heard the Pope said if you cuss his mother expect to get punched and even throw a right jab towards one of the other big hatted people. This was in response to the terror attacks in Paris.

I think that is hilarious that the so called right hand man of God would not “turn the other cheek” I guess that justifies my natural behavior…because if you cussed my mother I would not even say a word before your lip was fatter than Chris Farley and I believe in God too. Of course I am part American Indian…I’m from the Slapaho tribe :innocent:


I am Glaswegian - if you cussed my mother I wouldn’t get a chance to hit you - she would have smacked you into the middle of next week so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you…


Your mother is awesome!!!


I have a strong believe on leaving ones family, wife, kids etc out of any disputes. I’ts a matter of respect and manners. Family and co are out of bounds imho in business, religion or personal disputes.


Dear gods…and you can type? This world just suddenly seems a little more dangerous… :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol careful or the Highlander will have ya!