Double Edged Shaving


So, my wife has finally thrown down the gauntlet, and it’s time to start shaving regularly again. I’m going back to a double edged razor, but it’s been quite awhile since I took the time to shave right.

There are a ton of lathers and soaps available these days. Does anyone have a favorite?


Can we get a picture of your beard before you bring on the razors? :slight_smile:


If you’ve done the double-edge before, you probably already know that Merkur makes solid handles and blades.

For every day stuff, I use this. Comes in different scents. One bar lasts me six months, easy. Good lather.

I might suggest that, for special occasion / weekend use, allow the Mrs. to pick something out for you that she likes,


I shall not translate bart wichse into English :slight_smile:


No need, really. That takes us to a bad place.


famous Bavarian brand though… Brother’s Love… uhh think it’s time to go to bed.


This is good stuff.

Edit: The only acceptable way to shave.


My face hasn’t seen a straight blade in well over ten years…always keep a little stubble on this guy. That crossed with the fact that I stopped showering years ago…I couldn’t even tell you what soap or lather even is…

Edit: Hippie joke. I really do shower, weekly. No, daily, sometimes twice if I did some hustling that day.


I shave intermittently so I can’t get in on the double-edge shaving discussion. I grow a fine goatee but because of my heritage, i think, I have problems growing a full beard


Nice try, FBI. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great, thanks! There’s a sampler pack on Amazon, I’ll try that. :smile:

I used to use a straight razor, it’s not terribly dissimilar from shaving with a properly honed axe.

I have some patchiness as well, but I don’t work with people face-to-face often enough to bother shaving regularly.


Ooh, I use a DE blade every day to shave. F the “Dollar Shave Club”. I have enough blades to last me for the next 3 years for under $30.

I didn’t care for Merkur blades as the sharpness was too inconsistent however I really like these Derby blades:

(Amazon affiliate link)


Congrats on going back to a DE. I love Merkur Shavers but hate there blades to (as @MadMacs stated) . If your still looking my favorite blades are Japanese Feather’s. They’re so sharp they’ll cut you if you look at them wrong :slight_smile:

As far as shaving cream I really like Brave Solder Shower Shave. It’s slickery. For my skin it works best.

Just a little Aveno lotion after that. No hash after shaves for me. Best of luck.


Man, this whole shaving with a razor thing seem to bring on too many decisions to be made. I’m glad I don’t practice shaving with a blade.

It frees me up to make poor decisions somewhere else in life. Like that white powdery substance on the table after drinking 8 beers. Poor decision, yes. But a lot more fun than choosing a bad blade and cutting your face.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had my first wet shave in over six months last week. I looked about 12 years old again.

Wont be repeating that experiment in a hurry…I’ll just stick to running the clippers over my chin whenever I can be bothered to shave my head :slight_smile:


Clippers are a much more peaceful experience.


I must have got lucky when I bought a bunch of Merkur blades a few years a go. They seem great to me, but at this point, I’m likely using five year old stock.

Nah. A basic Merkur, one of the top name blades, and whatever glycerin-based soap you and/or your SO like the smell of is all there is to it. Add a mug and a brush for making lather. I’ve used the same set-up for 20+ years.


The wife made me shave once after I retired…never again… my favourite products.


my beard is a little hard and my bumpy face forces me to make use of all the technological advances in shaving I can get.

So, disposable Gillettes with 3 blades all the way for me. to make up for this barbarism, I use a good soap and my grandfather’s pig bristle latherer (if that is the right term, I dunno, I mean the hairy thing that you wiggle around to make that white, oozy stuff appear. NO, NOT THAT ONE!)

My recommendation for soap, Proraso all the way, very soft and soothing:


I got a Merkur Chunky, Vision, and Future, plus a handful of other brands. I like the heavier handles for DE shaving. It works for me.

@sburn I have had a couple of good Merkur blades but the quality for me was hit or miss. The Japanese Feather’s are my go to blade. They are consistently sharp and make cutting around the chin not such a chore. YMMV but you might want to grab a 5 pack and try em. I did and have not used another manufacture blade since. That was 10 years ago :slight_smile:

@quigley nice job in making such a relevant and passionate topic! Kind of reminds me of a lengthy Burger thread!!! haha…


Drop into some of the forums that specialize in DE and/or wet shaving for some advice. I believe that the thought is it’s better to run one single very high quality blade against your face than it is to run 3, 4, whatever stacked junky blades simultaneously. Less blades and strokes = less skin damage and irritation.

I thinks there’s some truth to that, if you think about it. The best shave you’ll ever get is from a barber with a straight razor. If you can find any alive that still do it that way. It’s careful prep, followed by one single pass with a single very sharp blade.

Note my “very careful prep” line above. On some of those forums, you can likely find solid advice about pre- and post- treatment products for your beard and skin type.

Not sure about the new Merkur model designations work. I do know that my 34C will more than make it long enough for the Mrs. to give me one final clean-up before they nail the lid down, and then go to a male heir.

Thanks. That will be my next buy when my NOS Merkurs get low, which is now.

Agreed. A solid topic.