Double Edged Shaving



New you’d come through


@quigley I got the perfect tool for that job.


Didn’t work :slight_smile:

That’s my new ban hammer and no you’re not using it to shave.


It’s been some years, but as I remember it, everyone’s face is different. I’m back to the sample packs to find the right blade for me. :smile:

I had that problem when I started using a DE, back in high school. Acne, in my case. I found that the DE was far kinder than the 3-5 blade monstrosities, since I had more control over the angles (swiveling heads? Might as well just carve my face off and be done with it), and you don’t put nearly as much pressure on a DE as you do with a cartridge. YMMV, of course.

Thanks! It can’t be all-crypto-all-the-time. Besides, I knew we had a few guys around here that appreciate a proper shave, and it seemed the best place to ask about the latest and greatest. :smile:

I have one that still does it. It’s amazing, everyone should do it at least once. I was so impressed with it that I used a straight myself for a couple of years. I’d still do it today, but my daily schedule changed such that the only time I had for shaving was first thing in the morning. Dragging around a crazy-sharp razor on my throat before my morning coffee didn’t sound like a smart idea. :wink:


unacceptable…if she is hormonal, you are dead. :sweat_smile:


Just a little revival :smiley:

It’s like sharks with frickin lazer beams!