DRK - Darkcoin Discussion


Read some interesting news about darkcoin enabling instant confirmations via the nodes today, never managed to re-find the original article I read, but dug this one out for reference:

What are peoples thoughts? Personally I like their take on privacy rights and while I can see the appeal to criminals (both street level, corporate and government) I can imagine this sort of thing being very popular. I’ve kept an eye on Dark from a distance for a long while now and this is the first time I’ve read a good news update on them for a while. Also wondering if this was the reason behind the recent pump.


Interesting it may be involving sapience?


I got a few DRK, I like the coin and it has been good to me trading wise. Value has nicely increased too.


I was looking at the possibility of running a darkcoin node but given the price of gathering the coins to create one just near enough doubled recently I’m not too sure.

I can;t see the price continuing to climb but I can imagine, given my luck, that the value would crash as soon as I’ve brought all those coins.


How many coins does it take to get the node up?


1000, unless they’ve changed anything. Can’t remember what fee structure they settled on either, at one point it was supposed to be a cut of the block reward for mining plus the fees, then it was something else, as far as I can remember reading now it’s just the fees in a block that go to the node owners now :slight_smile:


So… Since today, Darkcoin is known as Dash - Digital Cash. Interesting. Far less dark;)
It explains the bump in price from last week…


Interesting, I missed that. Ty!


let see if mainstream can relate


Price still seems to be doing well, so at least the market can relate.

What would be a possible downside of this name change? I quite like it, really… Except maybe this: dash

And similarly, what’s the story behind the name Blackcoin? Also very ‘cheerful’ and dark.

EDIT: actually, I can see how having ‘-’ as a currency symbol could be confusing.


Price is still alright https://www.coingecko.com/en/price_charts/darkcoin/btc althought trending down since rebranding to Dash

Blackcoin wanted to do a rebrand in China, not sure if it went happen


Down? I’d say up, really: name change was announced more than a week ago.
In fact, the chart is quite impressive: https://www.coingecko.com/en/price_charts/darkcoin/btc/max_days
Hope it’s not a pump that’s going to be followed by a huge dump… Though letting some air out could be healthy… Easy does it…


Mainstream is overrated. The mainstream doesn’t even understand BTC yet let alone an altcoin. DRK/DASH has it’s own niche market which is great.

Blackcoin wanted to do a rebrand in China, not sure if it went happen

Really? I hope not. That’s the thing. the coin name needs to be considered before you ever launch your coin. Obviously Darkcoin and Blackcoin have a certain touch to their name.