Dualminer Help


When I try to download the software from the Dualminer website my computer keeps blocking it as potential virus or spyware. I think it is Malware Bytes blocking it but not a 100% sure. I tried setting up a web exclusion on Malware Bytes for Dualminer but it didn’t work. I am using windows 8.1


Downloaded fine for me …


I don’t know why it keeps getting blocked on mine.


What browser?




Try Chrome. Usually Malware Bytes tells you what it is blocking and where. It might be your browser not notifying you. A lot of the miner programs are flagged as malware and some of them have it in them.

I just tried downloading from a separate repository (http://mhzserver.ca/download/Crypto/) for it because the Dualminer site is blocked at my work.

Chrome blocked it. Well that’s okay. There is a trick around Chrome blocked files.
From your downloads section or wherever the file is. It should be named something "Unconfirmed 716960.crdownload"
Replace the “crdownload” with .zip . It will warn you about changing it, accept it.
Then you should have a usable zip file to uncompressed the installer.

Regardless of where you get the miner program. Scan the zip/folder installation with Malware Bytes or another anti-virus to protect yourself.

Let us know what happens.


Im going to try when I get home im at work now.


Thanks for the suggestion it was Firefox that was blocking it I switched to IE and it downloaded no problem.


I have mixed feelings about upvoting something that was solved by IE :wink:
Glad you found a work around regardless. I still suggest Chrome to you over IE :smile:


I’ve never actually tried Chrome. I rarely ever use IE it just came with the laptop (as it does all window machines).