Economic Crisis and "them" Immigrants...


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How dare you not let me in!!!


According to the US yeah, definitely. It seems like the US is the only one who gets to decide who is worthy to have nuclear power plants or not and from there it’s still a long way to build nukes. Then again they also decide who’s worthy to have this democracy thing imported to their country if they want it or not doesn’t really matter.



Ah the good old New Jersey, you will be missed.

You could always let Putin decide your fate…wouldn’t that be a awesome. Me Im for pulling US troops out of everywhere but home and letting nature take its course…no intervention, everyone can just kill each other, rape pillage, and do as they like, then starve to death in my book, as a retired soldier I have seen enough of war.


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time for a little isolationism :smile:


we’ll see how EU will handle this crisis. only 2 possible outcomes: we end up stronger or weaker. time for a test.

I just hate to imagine the many negative possible ways that could lead to either outcome…

Let’s hope the initial goal of the EU will be upheld. No, not the thing about trade, the part about not having another war on our territory is what I had in mind.


I try to believe that I’m influencing my own faith to some extend. Putin is your man, he’s going after ISIS. Doubt Langley likes that much.

I agree. Bring your troops home you’ll need them to throw over the Government :wink:

(Disclaimer: Don’t get me wrong buddy. I’m neither pro nor con USA, I was born an Anarchist and recently changed to Decentralist and the transition is tougher than I thought) :stuck_out_tongue:


Truth be told I am not happy with the current situation in the US or most anywhere else at that. The world has forgotten lessons learned and wants to point fingers, forgetting that the actions of those that came before shaped what is todays reality.

Me personally, I have been to enough of the world and shed blood for people who didnt deserve it because they wouldent take care of themselves, only to see my brothers be maimed and killed and the politicians give any gains back. So I say let them learn those lessons again the hard way and laugh when they beg for help. Those that wont free themselves and cower in fear deserve what they have. Those that wont defend themselves deserve the same.

What people dont understand is there is no utopia, no land of milk and honey, no place on earth that the strong will not prey on the weak. Its a great idea but unfortunately madmen will always gain power, if the people dont oppose them with force of arms then they deserve the boot on their neck that comes with their cowardice. That time is coming for the US too, have no doubt.


Basically it’s the Japanese and the French who make that decision and they build them for whoever has $2 billion they want to fork over for each operating unit :smile:

The US is way behind the times with nuclear power generation because coal and natural gas are so cheap here…

Maybe Russia too?
I think there is one other major player and it’s a government run entity, thought I can’t recall who :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ironically Westingouse - albeit owned by Toshiba nowadays - is a big player in the industry and they have developed some really fancy technologies. Perhaps it’s time for them to invest into some lobbying :smile:


I won’t click LIKE because I don’t, but I sorta understand you.

I come from Luxembourg, a country which has been overrun and played as a piece on the chessboard/map for so many times, we don’t even actually remember anymore who we stole the recipe for good beer and excellent ham from.

And it doesn’t matter either.

Fact is: my country Luxembourg has sold its soul to the devil of global finance (in the form of legal tax evasion and other services reserved to the very rich) and Chinese tourists. It is really sad that I have to say this, as I am a bit of a nationalist, but I work 100m from the Grand Duke’s palace, and I see what kind of crowd is taking pictures.

EU has become weak. Multinational interests have taken over and are disputing who gets the biggest, juiciest part.

And yes, our one-time liberators, the US of A, are a major player in that game.

I hope for a revival of the National-European idea, which will allow nations to continue to exist and find agreements with those of their neighbours that share the common values my ancestors died for in the French Revolution, World War 1 and the socially revolutionary times between 1918 as opposed to the beginnings of the kind of state of mind that was prevalent in the 1930s in Europe and whose ugly head I see popping up in the news more and more frequently lately.

Many of our ancestors lost their innocence in those ugly, inhumane times and vowed for their children and grand-children not to fall for the same kind of hate-mongering often disguised as political correctness these days that we see in the mainstream media these very days. I know both my grand-fathers did.

I have mixed feelings about the coming generations being able to comprehend the ideas behind what I just wrote. I fear that the long time strategy of keeping the general public amused with cheap thrills, Internet, TV and the like might be a success.



Hence the Japanese reference per above :smile:
Brings back fond memories of how the first US nuclear plants to be build in forever went…


BTW: here is a very accurate representation of the creation of the independent grand duchy of Luxembourg.


History has a nasty habit of repeating itself but on the other hand it doesn’t do so in the exact same ways. Things change and - somewhat counter-intuitively perhaps - strong nations emerge not when they cling to the uber-conservative ideals of the days long gone, but when they evolve and adapt (or in some narrow scenarios - when they beat other nations into submission but that’s rather temporary and a different story altogether).

So - back to the topic - I’m wiling to bet all my XPY holdings that the countries fighting immigration will end up with massive demographic and social issues, whereas the ones that figure out the way to deal with it may suffer some short term pain but will be dominant within the next 50-100 years.

The US is somewhere in the middle - despite lots of rhetoric and lots of bureaucracy immigration is still happening and once you’re in the country (legally) nobody really cares much where you’re from. So unless they elect Donald next year it’s probably going to be mostly the same for the foreseeable future.


I know my views are much different than others, I have seen and done things that thankfully most never have. I did tours in The Balkans and the Middle East, and I can tell you one thing, the cruelty of man is universal. Having been to war makes you look on the world with the innocent ideas of youth stripped away, you see the truth for what it is.

I hope that helps you understand how I see the world.