Eeechooo eeecho eecho echo ec…

Need some curtains and carpets in here, cut down on that reverb.

I hereby claim not only First [user] topic, but first first on this 'ere sub.

Nice move, guys :wink:



Hmm sponsored… So where is your donation…


Sponsored by us to provide members with a place for their projects.


I’ll send you a free, personalised SEAPIG card when they’re launched. In fact, SEAPIG cards for both you and @keymaster. Bribery works best in pairs. Sound good?

Or indeed, provide a donation address and I’ll see what I can rustle up :wink:


Check your contacts on GHcloud. By default there is one address in your contacts tagged “GHdev Fund”. All donations will be used for coffee and coffee and, we might buy some coffee if there is any change left.


I have one and its great.


Yep the Dev fund can always use more coffee.

GetHashing Dev Fund: 1ALvo4o8wumY9CaMBjnEG6xFZGAm3d1xiu

Damn I miss signatures.


Coffee is the essential Source; the Waker of Slumber, Extender of Session and Curer of Hangover. Hail Coffee, the Robusta and the Arabica, them Beginning and the End, the One True Beverage. Abean.


Presuming that’s a BTC address, I’ll shimmy some later.

Is the user card supposed to replace the sig feature, effectively? How editable is it…?


Such less referral spam :slight_smile:


Bringing Back the super signatures

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If it doesn’t have 640x480 animated GIFs, it doesn’t even count as a signature.


I just couldn’t get my < blink > </ blink > tag to work :smile:


You mean the wall of text signatures or even banner signatures that are 10x larger than the avg text the spammer user posts? :slight_smile:


Yeah something like this.


< marquee> or go home </ marquee>.




Acceptable, but only as a temporary replacement.


…quietly shadow removes @semismiling and his blasphemy…* :slight_smile: