Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall


I hope he accepts Bitcoin for them :slight_smile:


wonder how many of josh’s patents are used in that?
maybe another tesla or two as payment


350-450V Output
2.0KW Continuous or around 3x Antminer S5 Load.

7KW Powerwall Daily Cycle for 3K$
No details about the solar panel or wind turbine.

I’m really excited, thanks for sharing :smile:


Great battery so I think it is solar panels to something like the nedap power router/inverter connect to batteries. The power router is the key to balance…

Much interest in this product it is certainly cheaper than previous battery stores and more compact.

7kw pack looks to be for everyday use where the 10 is a backup for grid failures…


I am keen for this. I already have solar so would be great to be able to generate enough during the day to get through the night. Would pay for itself in about 2 years :slight_smile:


It looks interesting. I have issues with my peak solar being unusable too. I don’t understand the 350 to 450v spec though. Is that output voltage or charging voltage ? Does it need a voltage dropper too ? Seems the max current would limit your power output if the voltage was dropped to 110 or 240v.


$3,500 is a very good price for a battery like that :smile:

Try contacting their sales support. I’m sure they can answer those questions better than us.


I registered my interest via the sign up form. Hopefully they will offer them in the UK, otherwise it’s moot.



Tesla pre rego with an Aus company… October 2015


Sweet thanks @tankjnr, I was looking for that last night :smile: