email when someone is buying


its possible to get an email, when someone is buying an listing?

O well ;\ (bye gethashing)
O well ;\ (bye gethashing)
O well ;\ (bye gethashing)
O well ;\ (bye gethashing)

Using the rss feed and linking it with IFTTT service that can send email works.


Sorry, dont understand.

Lets say I have placed an sell order with 100coins.
Which step are needed to get the email when someone is buying?


You will need a RSS feed reader.

@daffy showed an example of a RSS Query to GHCloud.
You can choose between coins and status from what I understand.

RSS Feed are automatically updated.
They send a ping to RSS readers to notify a update.

You can follow open orders here

I can’t help much for software suggestions as I didn’t use it but I know it can be done.


Basically what was already said.
Because no user data is stored on the GH side, there is no way to automatically send an email with GHcloud itself (the system has no idea what your email is, or the email of who is purchasing) and you have to use tricks with RSS feeds.

IFTTT is an app (I have it on my phone) that does things based on other things happening with if statements (if thing 1 happens, do thing 2, etc).

I had it set so whenever GHX is listed on the exchange to send me a notification.
Eventually I turned it off :smile:


IFTTT cant use they have only phone app


now found and get alltime an error
have setup done in elastic for one address

its possible more as one address?


Not at this time. one address only.


You can setup several feeds though and read them with any reader in your browser, phone or co.


Great idea


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Maybe they can create an auto-post in WTS-WTB/GHX thread. When someone places a sell or buy order, it automatically posts the transaction offer in that section of the forum?

Just a thought.