[Ended] Circle giving out $5 in BTC!


You’re welcome.


Missed it :frowning:


Yeah me too, regging for app then trying to find out how to scan … sigh…


Sorry guys. I wish I found it an hour earlier for everyone.


Caught it in time. Other half was on her phone else I’d have grabbed 2 :wink: P Cheers for this :slight_smile:


It was extended to 5pm ET but with some downtime they’re going to honour the time lost…



@nemesio @Vizique
Try it again.


Gah, website down and app wont connect, humbug! LOL


I think they’re having traffic issues. It was down for me, then came back up again… and now down again.


Who’d a thought giving away money was so hard… :slight_smile:


scans it then has blank page and a little circle going round and around, think it may be over.

Thanks for the heads up though :smiley:

Always love a bit of quality team work.

EDIT: It now sees it as an invalid Promotion Code