[Ended] Gridseed 9GH/300KH USB miner


Hi… I was roaming around the net. and was wondering how can i introduce my kids to cryptocurrency… So I figured that if i get them a couple of gridseed USB miner they could use that to learn and at the same time make a couple of penny a day witch they would enjoy i am sure…

So im looking to buy at least 2 or more (if the price is good) gridseed USB miner. Or something similar Used or new. If you do not have any for sale but you know where i could get some.

Thank you in advance


eBay is your best shot for old miners cheap


How much are you looking to spend? I still have some orbs (fan removed) that I’d be happy to get rid of. They’re modded too, so you’ll get slightly higher than average clock rates out of them.


Well a brand new one on Aliexpress is around 25$/ 35$ including the Power Supply and free shipping… So if you would offer them at 20$ including power suply since I got to get fan for them and ill pay shipping, it sound like a fair price.


Shipping is too expensive. Just figured I’d update the thread with the outcome of our conversation.


@tecknogeek Are you still looking for this, or can I close it? Let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:


Close it for now… I am not looking anymore