[Ended] Looking for FX-83XX black to abuse


Looking for a good Fx-8350/70 Black, just the processor, looking to replace my FX-8120 Black. If anyone is wanting to get rid of one leme know.


How much are you wanting to pay for one?
My first overclock was an opteron socket 939. :smile:
Got almost twice the speed with a artic pro :smiley:
Good times :slight_smile:


Bout $75-100 for a used one, Im running the 8120 at 4.2 atm at 100% usage, takes Arctic silver 5 and a Water 3.0 to keep it from melting :slight_smile: since my mobo wont handle a fx-9xxx I figured id see how much abuse an fx-83XX can take. The 8120 has been running like that for 2.5 years nonstop. :smile:


I picked one up with a heatsink and fan for £125 on amazon (8350 black edition)


@DumbRedneck Do you want me to close this, or is it still active? Let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:


You can close it, im working another project. :smile: