[Ended] WTB 100 Crypto Giver Tokens


Since I have had a number of requests and do not feel it is appropriate to create more tokens at this time, I am looking to purchase back 100 crypto giver tokens from current holders.

I am currently purchasing them back for .0005 BTC each (which was the price paid for the second round and 5x the original price paid for the first round.

I am also adjusting the limit going forward to 20 tokens per person.
Anyone with more than that is allowed to keep them if the like, they just cannot purchase any more when they are on sale in order to give others who have not had a chance to get involved a turn :smile:

To sell you tokens, please send the amount you would like to sell to the following address:

I will then send the appropriate amount of BTC to the related BTC address associated with the asset address from where you sent (and will post transactions in this thread for reference).
Please allow up to 12 hours for processing, though most will be quicker than that.

Thanks for those who decide to share the love and trade some tokens back in for others to have a chance at joining the fun :+1:

Crypto Giver Tokens Thread - Retired

I’ll send you 10 that will put me done to 20
Guys let all chip in and get @ThePeddler his 100 without him needing to rebuy.
Anyone else?


Thanks for the thought, but I will honor the repurchase price for anyone who sends some in.
The whole point of the tokens is to act as a means to distribute payouts and not to actually have value themselves (which is the reason I am buying them back for the original purchase price and they were sold for the price they were :slight_smile: )

Thanks @Dave_Wills for the donation.
I sent the .005 BTC I would have sent you to the crypto giver payout wallet instead.


Just did the same, need to share with more people. Thanks @ThePeddler for your token :gift:


Thanks much again!
BTC sent to the payout wallet as a donation.


@ThePeddler you keep amazing me buddy. Nice one! :+1:

I could sell you some of mine for… :wink:



Even though that may be the numismatic value of the token, face value at the moment is .0005 each.
(plus 15 million would be a bit steep right now with the current budget :slight_smile: )

Payment sent!
Thanks much for adding back to the pool :+1:


Thank you! Keep up the awesomeness :wink:


Sent 10 back to you. reinvest the value in Crypto Givers please :slight_smile:


@ThePeddler Is this still ongoing? Should I close it now? Let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s sort of perpetually going based on demand, but feel free to close this thread as details are in the GIVER token thread main post.

Thanks for checking :smile: