[Ended] WTB 5 GHX @ 0.087 total


As per title, I’d like to buy 5 GHX coins for roughly $5 each.
Bitcoin average says that’s 0.087BTC
coindesk says it’s 0.086947

Take your pick. PM me if you’re up for it :smile:


I’ll sell you a few at that price in a few hours when I get home.

If you don’t want to wait that long I understand but wanted to throw that offer out there :+1:


No worries, I can wait :slight_smile: Thanks. If I send you the 0.087 will you send the coins when you’re ready ?


That works.
I should also be able to do it on my phone if you are ready now.

I’ll PM you the address :smile:


Done :smile:
txid f8c3d70b0b0d52d7378c0e90bc55f52be117c6930ddb0fc1b9680eb142847163

PM you my asset id

Thanks :smile:


Thanks very much. Had a bit of a crash on the pc there which is why it took so long to reply. Too many windows VMs running with wallets in :wink:
Need more native linux wallets !


I need to get better at this stuff on my mobile…thanks for the practice!
Enjoy :smile:


Thanks ! That was v quick :slight_smile: They show up already.


Have you ever thought about running a VM with WINE and installing all the wallets that way?

I have not tried that, but have been thinking about that if I ever got into staking seriously.


I’ve had a few running like that, but they misbehave generally. I have copies of xp and Win7 pro so I use them in virtual box. My problem is that I have given them all 4GB ram and 2x CPU. I only have a dual quad core xeon with 8GB ram, so it gets a bit slow sometimes :smile:
Need more power !!!


Love it! :slight_smile:


@headrush Is this finished? Can it be closed? Thanks :slight_smile:


@Allen1980s Yes it’s finished, thanks :smile: