[Ended] WTB bitcoin cloud services Account



want to buy a account from bitcoin cloud services


Have an 100 gh/s 5 year contract for sale. Make an offer :wink:


Which date bought?






Thats oke, on my way home


How can we do the deal?


Need to change the emial and pay add. Send your btc addy, i make an ticket at btcc, to change it. When changed we can edit the email.

If you want i can send an screen of my contract


PM sent


Looks like we cant get an deal. Some here wo will do free escrow


Make sure BCS will allow the payment address change. They typically do not allow this. If you need a free Escrow, let me know. I am known here, bitcointalk (KC6TTR), and reddit (SGBE).



They allow to change the addy/

@gotram shall we use @sbooth?


too much hassle for the small account


Hi Scott, I still have your mod G-Blade and Orbs you sold me last fall :slight_smile: Nice to cross road again.


Great to see you again too! Glad you are still utilizing the H/W. I miss some of that stuff… lol.



Its not about the size of the account…

Just saying, no hard feelings


when account bigger its worth to contact Escrow, but not for 100Ghs


Just for the sake of discussion, I have a 23TH/s BCS account with the following:

What would it be worth to you?





15-20btc worth I think