[Ended] WTB dat good good GHCoin


Hey guys,
Like so many others, I’m looking to increase my holding of GHcoin :smile:
I sadly had limited funds at the time of the release of the first batch (most of my money being tied up in You-Know-Who’s 20$ lie)
I was only able to snag 29.7 coins, but I would of course be very happy for this to increase:)
Willing to pay fair price for them, unsure of how many exactly I can buy right now, but it’s somewhere between 10-25 coin.
Also (side question) looked around the forum a bit, couldn’t seem to find any info on if the team is looking to do another batch of these little lovelies, anyone know?


Batch 2 is in the works. May or may not be Bitmain. Sorry nothing to sell.:smiley:


Thanks mate :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to get my hands on some second-gen GHcoin


@Fridge, I could sell you ~25 coins. :slight_smile:


Gosh I hope batch 2 holds off just a liiiiiitttle bit longer. I needs to raise some funds lol. Hope you get your coins @Fridge :+1:


The same.
Give me a month however and I will end up buying the whole second batch :smile:
Where GAW was wash, other ventures are finally coming around :+1:


I can’t wait a month I need more.


only 9coins left just $6 http://yangongear.com/shop/ghcoin/


got them nine coins, just in time for todays payout!

Merci, @gotram!!!


confirmed coins sold out
thx for purchase


@Fridge Is this still active? I know you were selling GHCoin a few days ago. Should I close this? Let me know. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Okay per Slack comment, closing then. :slight_smile: