[Ended] [WTB] GH Coins


If anybody has any GH coins to sell please PM me what you have and what you want for the coins? Thanks.


It’s tough atm because BTC has gone up almost $25. Since we all bought GHX with BTC I really can’t see many people selling any taking and that differencein BTC value. :wink:


Fair enough, thought i would just put it out there if anybody wants to sell :smile:


Why am i always the last to know these things. now that is great fees will be lower this way. Bummer for sales though.


LOL Daffy. BTC rate isn’t a secret :slight_smile:


You sell 10-25coins?


WTB = Want to buy. OP is looking to buy coins himself.


yes will also buy coins


Bump, if anybody wants to sell some GH coins, please let me know, thanks.


Offer Expired

I will sell you 7 coins for 0.165 BTC. The price is based on $6 US per coin w/ BTC at $255. That’s a bit higher than yesterday, seems to me that BTC is making a sustained move up.


Thanks for the offer but that is more than i am looking to pay per coin.


WTB 12 GH coins @5.50$ (need to reach the 115.5 GH threshold)


Ready to sell for @5.50$. PM sent


@noveria sent you pm :slight_smile:


@HillbillyJoker @NOVERIA @BitcointraderYUL
So who is selling and how many and how much?


I WAS a buyer.

Will leave the sellers speak out :slight_smile:


I sold some last week & now I am willing to sell 7 GHX shares for $6 each. Bitcoin is on the move up.

EDIT: offer expired


I will be in contact when I get home


Also check out


What’s the process for transferring GH coins to a new buyer? I’m assuming it’s easy but just want to check.