[Ended] WTB GHX at up to $5 each


As per title, I’d like to buy up to 20 GHX at up to $5 each.


I’ll sell some to you for that price.
Rounding up slightly I get 0.3857 BTC total based on current coinbase prices.
If that works for you, please send to 1Q7ru8dG7sQcGcNKX3oJmQ5VoeeQ7RKggU and let me know.

I will be in transit for the next hour or so, but will definitely transfer before GHX payouts today :smile:


Thanks :smile:
Sent 0.3857
txid 4caf1b1d0ec6e37dfc602d71d1a4656120dbfd7848ce80eedaf04ca7e3ab7155

PM you my asset Id


All done, thanks to @ThePeddler for an easy and fast deal.
Gotta love colored coins :smile:


It’s a shame more folks don’t give them a chance…

Why create another altcoin when you can leverage the existing BTC block chain :+1:


Well done Gents! :+1: