[Ended] WTS Zencloud account


Hey guys,
I know I was team Paycoin the whole time, but I think even I have hit my limit with promises unfulfilled.
It is 1 day from the end of February, and there is still nothing to show for our work and love.
It is with a heavy heart of sentimentalism that I offer up my Zencloud account for Sale.
Total holdings (as of today, February 27 2015)

In case you can’t see the photo, that’s:
5 X 6 month stakers (2XPY each) with 111 days left
1 X 6 month staker (5XPY) with 111 days left
3 X single Filled PrimeStaker, (never runs out) each filled with an XPY
1 X HashGear Legendary staker (never runs out) filled with an XPY
1 X a 15 PrimeStaker stack (never runs out) filled with 15 XPY

The account comes as is, I will of course withdraw any XPY or BTC in the account before transfer of ownership, The HashGear Legendary looks just like the other stakers sadly (Josh never came through on his “new skins and features” promise for legendaries) and I sadly have no way to prove that it is in fact a legendary, other than This semi-blurry screen capture where you (in the bottom left) can see the black-colored HashGear legendary. I do this because I do expect Josh to sooner or later come through on the Legendary features, so (personally) I see it as worth more than a regular Prime :slight_smile:
I am of course open to offers, haggling, etc.
I will accept BTC or your favorite Cryptocurrency (to an extent, no trashcoins of course) but I Strongly would prefer GHcoin

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Welcome friend (from Kristo on HT)
Wise choice selling stakers for GHX shares :smile:
It’s really a shame how team paycoin gets dumped on with all the work they have done trying to promote paycoin…


Ay mate! :slight_smile: Been a while friend :smile:
And yeah I agree GHX is a good way to continue making profit on my original investment.
I’m still onboard with Paycoin itself, and Team Paycoin is still an awesome group that I expect a lot of cool things from, I will continue to hold my coin and wait it out. My beef remains only with the waiting and fruitless promises of a certain individual sadly.
I am still in XPY :slight_smile:


Yes!!! Payment in GHcoin!!

I wish you the best of luck in your sale. I would hit up Mr. Coins on HT. He seems to buy a bunch or can point you to someone that is also looking. He’s good like that.

GHcoin is awesome, I can’t part with mine…too valuable to me! But if you don’t have any, I would be willing to part with a few to get a new GHcoin user involved.


Have they resolved the withdrawal problem as yet @Fridge ?


Nope still not fixed on Zen or Paybase :confused:
Can’t even buy or sell XPY on the market.


These are not supposed to be unrelated. Why would two different services have the exact same problem, when they have emphasized that these are two different companies.


I think the answer to that question lies somewhere in the fine print of the Honors Program


LMAO Okay, that was a good response! :smiley:


@Fridge Is this Zencloud account still for sale, or do you want me to close it now? Let me know thanks. :smiley:


I will bet one XPY it is still for sale…If I loose I’ll mail $0.35 to the winner


Closed as well sorry!