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Just putting this up here as a point of discussion. Any Eobot users feel free to step up and discuss. Also I got an email from them today:

Hello Miners! We have 3 new spots for coin additions, so send us your recommendations. Here’s our latest news:

-Ethereum/ETH has been added

-Eobot supports doubling the Bitcoin block size from 1MB to 2MB, allowing for 14 transactions per second, instead of 7

-Cloudminr.io has released emails/passwords and blamed it on a “hack”. If you’re using the same password on Eobot, change it ASAP.

Until next time…happy mining,
-The Eobot Team


I need to add eth to my list of “mined” coins. Anyone know if there is an easy way to generate a cold storage address for ether?


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What will be the benefit for the eobot users of bitcoin block size from 1MB to 2MB.
Making coins are better at Eobot but not mining, i think.


Exactly. I think that eobot felt like they had to add something to the newsletter other than “we added ether”.
Forking to increase the block size to 2mb won’t help us in the long run when we have to fork for another increase.

And yes, eobot is most useful for the “mining” of altcoins, not pure btc mining.


What is the role of Eobot software regarding btc mining?
I am planning to run Eobot software on more than 2 powerful VPS. Is that a good idea?


Eobots software simply makes it easier to mine on sha256 or scrypt. Personally I would avoid using any 3rd party software and go directly with cgminer, bfgminer, etc. I would also NOT mine scrypt or sha256 on a vps, you won’t earn enough to pay for the server costs, unless your getting it for free. You might be able to profit running a cpuminer for dash or another cpu friendly algorithm, but a vps is not the ideal mining environment due to costs.


hmm ok.
Then ASIC’s are the better idea for mining btc


They are the only way to mine it at a profit and even the profit/loss can be defined in many ways.
Boiled down, currently NO asic btc hardware can be expected to mine the btc it cost to purchase it, however if your looking at what BTC might be worth in 5 or 10 years, then it can be very profitable if your taking the longer view and not expecting to get rich overnight. There is also factoring the cost to buy btc directly or buy some hardware and essentially buy the btc from your power company.


Yes the main factor is electricity to provide for ASIC’s.
Now, the problem is which platform is better for mining… Pool Mining or Cloud Mining? If the cloud mining is the good option, then which company is better for cloud mining.


To answer that question requires other questions be answered first, like how much $ or USD are you looking to invest? How much do you pay for electricity? How much power can your location feed hardware without needing a retrofit to handle more?

I, for example, have a few scrypt miners running, but because of my cost per KWH I do not plan on hosting any serious hardware here. I need to revisit a spreadsheet I started a few months ago and haven’t worked on in awhile. I think I have it setup to tell you what your daily $ or btc/ghs cost is as well as whether its better to keep hardware running or shut it off and just buy btc directly. Of course this is designed solely for the “Mine it or Buy it” decision, not whether to buy hardware or invest in cloud mining.


Electricity is the big problem in my country, power failure, high cost rate are the main issues here. So, that’s why i could not be able to buy ASIC’s for it.
Then i start thinking about Cloud Mining. I can invest at start from 1 or 2 BTC


That answers the main question, locally owned and managed hardware or cloud mining.

My opinion/suggestion would be 1 of 2 things or both.

  1. Spread your funds out among the top tier of providers, GHX, Hashnest, Genesis-mining. Those are the ones I would suggest focusing on, others like zeushash are legitimate but their maintenance fee and price/ghs is a bit high for what they offer. I am sure you can find the ones to avoid by asking here, or following the discussion on some of them like hashflare that definitely get my and I presume @cyberdexter’s spidey sense tingling.

  2. You can invest wholly or partially in an asset that I and @lothendriel run, DMT, its goal is diversification of cloud mining and when I can find a space that can handle it, I will be looking into branching us into a small amount of physical hardware. Let us manage the portfolio and you get weekly payouts with part of the income set aside for reinvestment.


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Option 2. They are serious people. I’ve invested 3 BTC and get 1% or more weekly.


Are u not satisfied with their services which you are talking about?


In option 1, the top tier providers are good, but the GHX don’t had a user friendly environment for buying and selling GHX shares. I make a bit confuse to visit on cloud.gethashing.com, although they provide the good facility.
One of their representative(Andy) give me the information about gethashing website that they will provide the facility to buy/sell shares directly from their website.
Secondly, Hashnest is slow to earning point of view. Did they give dividend for share holders?


I am very satisfied with their services. I buy DMT, if I can, 10 by week.



Because GHX and DMT are run on the open asset/colored coins protocol, investing isn’t as straight forward as with hashnest or genesis. Have you seen the manual on how to access the xchange? You can also look for people here wanting to sell, or you can put up a wtb. You can also get GHX and DMT from @lothendriel and I’s website, coloredcoin.io,

Each cloud mining provider has their own maintenance fee which will determine how much btc you earn with your GHS on a day2day basis. right now hashnest has the lowest fee in the industry and NO they don’t pay divs to shareholders, you buy GHS from the open market that are representations of physical hardware that bitmain produces and hosts.


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0.55 BTC (life contract) / 324 GH/s aprox / today 0,0088 weekly aprox.

Buy, look first this please. Use the GH code.


0.55 BTC / 10 DMT / dividens today 0,0086 weekly aprox.

coloredcoin.io payouts


0.55 BTC / 28 GHX aprox (optimistic) / today 0,004 BTC weekly aprox.

Buy GHX or DMT. See last message of @rdyoung

I think that DMT is different because DMT or Diversified Mining Token aims to lessen the risk of crypto mining by investing in a variety of cloud mining service providers.

DMT information

@lothendriel and @rdyoung do work. :grinning:

GHX, DMT and the other assets have this comunity as backup.

As says @rdyoung, GHX and DMT have a market here.

Greetings and sorry for intrusion.


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