Escrow (Charging)



I am now doing Escrow services again, please note there is a flat fee of $10 in BTC ($5 per person) as it does take time, most of you know me and know I am very trustworthy at this, all trades will be done via the Private Messaging system on here and BTC Addresses will be generated for each trade.



If Amino doesn’t object I’d like to comment on my experience in using cyberdexter for my last transaction. I purchased a Bitcoin Cloud Services account from Reini and cyberdexter volunteered his services as an escrow agent. I’ve never done a transaction like this so was a little nervous. Everything went great. In fact it was easier to accomplish the transfer with cyber’s help than to purchase my original account from BTC Cloud Services and I can very much recommend him, and would use him again if I needed such services.

This post should not be considered as any kind of reflection on AminoEsto who I have followed on this site and HT (until we both got shadow banned) and he is a very capable and “sane” person (a refection on his participation on HT). I would also have no issues using him. (I thought since he started the thread he deserved a comment).