Ethereum Instructions


Not all are code savvy so i am pleasing to the community to compose a step by step video on how to install, run, import your Ether bought during the crowdsale.


Be aware you currently can’t sell the coins, and prices are unknown.

If you Google it, you get complete guides btw, both for installing via package manage and building from source.

You first start eth the ethminer, be sure to use the right parameters (-i -G -m). Also check you are mining to a real account (not starting with 0x0…)


I am in noooooooooo way code savy. If you put together a Mac tutorial, I will be forever grateful. I started to install it yesterday but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to initiate the genesis block. I have (well, I think I have) python installed. Definitely downloaded at the very least. Kind of stuck at this point.


This may turn out harder than one might think since a different process applies for every operating system. You will find the best instructions here:

Of course you can trade ETC. I’ve been buying and selling since the Frontier release. Current price is back down to 0.009 after a beautiful spike to 0.018.


Forgot to add, you’ll need to generate the genesis block from .py


I thought this Ethercoin was different from Euthereum/Ether confused


if you are confused now, try generating the genesis block on a mac from .py to get started. I’m a little frustrated to say the least.



Wow I’ll make sure Grandma jumps all over this. :wink:


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did anyone installed this yet?


Been trying, can’t figure out how to get the genesis block up and running. I’m on a Mac though, haven’t tried on my Workstation yet.


i will pay anyone that post a step by step guide in laymens terms $10/BTC how to install and import your private keys for Ethereum.


a complet step by step guide that actually work


develepers just expects everyone to undertsand the technical terms and jargons they use, thank god i trade stocks primarily. I am loosing money because of this ■■■■ of a launch that only caters to the developers community, although there are many ordinary non technical joes such as my self that bought into this crowdsale more than a year ago. thanks Ethereum. thank you.


Naa they just “think” that way when writing stuff. It’s the same for us when we write stuff for GHcloud and co and there is no bad intention behind it, just the flow of writing and terms popping in your head. I very much see your point though :slight_smile:


Solved! Kinda Kraken have an great wxchange tool that allowed me to import my crowdsale wallet. On the brighter side i installed geth but for some reason can’t run it


I like Kraken didn’t know that they added ETH and yes you were soo right…(facepalm) ETC is a joke. Took an exit from it.


Will this coin have a practical use for everyday people (ie: buying/selling goods and services)? or
is it just for the developer/IT community?


I would like to know also. Ether price has recently taken off. The new Ethereum wallet has Shapeshift built in so you can buy Ether with bitcoin directly from the wallet. I just bought my first Ether last nite.