Ethereum Mining


Sorry what must I add to get them both running? this is what I currently have:


ethminer.exe -G --opencl-device 0 --opencl-platform 1 -F


Add a second batch file

ethminer.exe -G --opencl-device 1 --opencl-platform 1 -F


it wouldn’t let me do that, will only allow me to run one etherminer at a time


Figured it out, I just removed the --opencl-device command so:


ethminer.exe -G --opencl-platform 1 -F



If your hashrate is low. Remove the AMD drivers and downloads the 15.12 drivers from their site. The has lowered all mining hashrate.


Thank you, they are low, ill try that now


Great to see all the support here :slight_smile:


Just bought one of these PCI-E Express 1x to 3 Port 1x Switch Mutliplier HUB Riser Card to have a play with it. Apparently it works in Linux just fine…

We shall see :slightly_smiling:


Well call me crazy I have just spent a little over £1k to purchase all the component required to build my new Eth Rig… The shopping list includes,

1x VTX3D AMD Radeon R9 280x (3072 MB) used
1x Gigabyte AMD Radeon 380x (4 GB) New
1x Gigabyte AMD Radeon 380 (4 GB) 4 weeks old
1x MSI AMD Radeon 290 (4096 MB) used
1x Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 380 Nitro (4GB) New

Now all I need to do is figure out how to build it when all my stuff arrives LOL, if anyone can give me a clue of what ETH MH I can expect please let me know.

Perhaps we should run a little comp just for fun, to see who gets the closest.

I have also purchase an EVGA 1000w PSU & Corsair RM 1000w PSU hoping that will be enough power…


Your PSU’s will be enough :slight_smile: I have a RM 1000 and could run 3 x MSI 7970’s lightning (2 x 8pins each with a volt of 1.2xx)

I say you can expect 110 Mhash :smiley:


Here’s a scene from my mining room. I’ve got 4 12" AC ducts attached to the ass end of my four S7’s and a box fan inside the ductboard box on the floor sucks the heat out of the room. The ducts work great and also cuts the noise way down. On top of the shelf unit is my first home made ETH miner. So far only the four Gtx 970 cards are mining, and I’m getting a solid 17 MH/s out of each one.


Thanks for the likes, and here’s another picture of the ducts.


I am still catching up on this thread. I had the same problem as you with a batch of R9 290s. The problem
was the use of the latest drivers from AMD. I had to fall back to previous driver version (Catalyst) 15.7 or 15.11 (I have multiple rigs). That resolved the problem.


I downloaded the 15.11 and that seems to have done the trick for me too, but on one of my rigs I also needed to include --opencl-platform 1 to get it going. Glad you were able to sort it.


Interesting article on Ether


Lot’s of pool disconnect at DwarfPool since yesterday. It affect my rig performance.
I send a support email 5min ago. Will see.

I still don’t have much confidence to mine at Nicehash.
Any other recommended Ether pool ?


I’ve used suprnova without issues. Well run pool.


nanopool really good!


Is it worth solo mining with 150 M/hs ?
If so how do I go about doing this, it’s been a while since solo mining altcoins and I am a bit rusty!

Used to solo mine new coins as soon as they launched until the difficulty skyrocketed within minutes lol I recall having to open a CMD window and using some code etc


Something similar happened to me. Rig would still mine but nothing on the pool side or credits etc. The actual miner would also halt.