Ethereum Mining


Didn’t receive a reply to my email.
I retry Nicehash ( euk ) but payout credit still didn’t look right.
I need 3 days to mine 1ETH at 32MH/s.
Repointed to dwarf to get my payout, working ok but still have long delay when accepting shares.
I will finish mining my min payout then I will switch to SuprNova or nanopool.


What do you guys think of a rig like this ->
I miss home mining and cloud is horrible right now… Thoughts?


A little bit expensive but really nice rig.
You can build for cheaper but that depend on your skills.


Send me a PM @Nadeaup


My wife’s and my rigs, both homemad and store-bought. Right-click and say Open in New Tab will show the full-size picture.

ETH rigs aren’t as hard as I thought they’d be. People here helped me learn how. And ordering a package from gpushack of mobo, memory, CPU and ethOS helps too.


Our Antminers are doing 15 TH/s, and if they could mine ETH we’d be making 44 Million Bucks a month. WHY CAN’T THEY MINE ETH???


Very nice set up


Ethereum blog update for GETH security.


So I told a few people I’d do a comparison of a few mining services. I purchased 5 MH from Genesis Mining and 5 MH from the new GH Ethereum Contracts. I bought them on 5/18/16 so this week is a partial of course.

This is also not going to be an extremely in-depth thing. I’m going to basically show the numbers. If you really want all the data, hit me up and I can provide it.

Purchase Cost: (purchased with BTC, but I converted to ETH at the .028 BTC/ETH rate for easier comparison).
GM: 14.57142857142857
GH: 11.82857142857143

GM: 0.13687966 ETH
GH: 0.114429702808988764 ETH

Break-even %:
GM: 0.939 %
GH: 0.967 %


what u think that GH will be good for mining eth?


From what I’ve seen I think that GH will be a good service for the price, yeah.


how much minimum to start…? what u suggest?


GH sells contracts in 1 MH increments at $30 per MH. I don’t really have a “suggested” amount, that all depends on how you manage your mining portfolio.


Got my GTX1060 mining Ether with Claymore Dual Mining v7.0
Pushing 18Mh/s with Ether and 245Mh/s with Decred in dual mode.
Much more silent than my RX480 and less power hungry also

Claymore now support NVIDIA


Good. How many GTX1060 for mining ether?
Is 18 Mh/s of 1 GPU speed?


Yes, is slower than a RX480 but much more silent


How much total cost to build this GPU miner?


Price of the card to upgrade your PC
280-300$ per GPU

RX 480 is the best bang for your buck ( or RX 470 ) if you want to mine ether.

To calculate your revenue ( enter 18MH for GTX1060 or 25MH for RX480 )



Can i buy used from anyone?


Far West style … Ethereum under attack.
Classic is even more at risk.