Ethereum Mining


Nicehash stats when off after 1hrs, no update since then.
Will let it run until tomorrow and see what happen.

I really need to get back to GPU mining :slightly_smiling:
But I just can’t keep up with all the wallets :warning:


You can always just put in a Polo exchange wallet address and point your miner at a pool. would be a good choice - or dwarfpool (I prefer the former for EXP).

I am just selling for BTC immediately at the best price though. Others may wish to hodl and hope for continued price increases. I’d just like the BTC I paid for the GPUs back first. About 50% of the way there, but then I keep buying more…


I want to buy a rig with 5 or 6 X 4 GB GPU cards for mining Ether what should I expect to pay?


How complete of a rig (milk crate vs rackmount, etc)? Are you just looking for any cards or a certain type?


hosted remotely or home?


I used to have this one, and would like the same again at home


And this one, but I dismantled and sold them all off when Asics came out for Litecoin etc


I’d say you’ll be paying between 250 and 300 for XFX or MSI 290’s (generally off ebay). If you went with the 290X, you’d probably be spending closer to 250-350 per depending on your patience and ebay skills.

Add another ~500-700 for all the components and the rack.

So you’ll be looking at the 2k-3k USD range to get a full rig going.


Thank you Astro, that’s what I was expecting, I just need to find someone to help me build it now :grinning:


Testing update : Nicehash credit my mining for about 1 hour when I fresh start my GPU.

After that, nicehash stop crediting my hash rate, but local work didn’t stop or had errors.
Restart mining, get back on nicehash for a small period of time …
Doing my test with a GTX 480 GPU and Win7 64bits. Score around 5MH/s
Using Cuda 0.9.41 and / or ethminer-0.9.41-genoil-1.0.3.
Genoil version didn’t credit me any hashrate on nicehash.

So far, no good results. ( with nicehash )


I ran across an entire pallet of new Sapphire Radeon R7 240 4GB cards. They were at a closeout dealer auction in the Midwest I asked the owner what was going on with them. He said they went through the auction twice already and didn’t sell. He said the retailer would let them all go for $40 or $45 ea, I believe there were 170 or 180 of them.
I am wondering if this is something that could be useful or are they just too old/small


I just downloaded the c++ homestead distro and used

eth -G -F <pool url>

It has both OpenCL and CUDA built in.


Where can I download it ?

I grabbed a ASUS R9 290 for 200$ US on Ebay. ( yesterday night )
Got lucky on this one, was listed for less than a hour when I jumped on it :slight_smile:
Efficiency is the prime feature I’m looking for.
Don’t know about the R7 240, but performance/power consumption ratio is probably not really good.



So these numbers are completely based on intuition and architecture, but I’d expect somewhere in the 10-15 MH range for a 270. I have no idea what the power usage would be. The biggest problem is you also have to get the other components for a rig, which is ~400 bucks on the cheap end of things. Since ETH is kind of unknown in terms of how long mining will happen, it’s hard to say if it’s worth buying old hardware just to mine ETH.

It’s sorta like the problem with buying S4 when S7 is available. Sure, it’s a faster payback period, but will it be profitable long enough to pay itself back. That’s the gamble.

edit: Ouch, just realized you said R7 240 not 270. Yeah, those are only a couple MH each. The R7 250 is like 3 MH on ETH.


That’s pretty close to what this site shows. Search for r7 2 to see the similar cards.


Look like my GPU is not supported in the c++ homestead distro. Not enough memory, Got 2GB.

My results so far


i have been mining with a 750ti for a while and in last week it has had trouble allocating the dag file ;( getting too large for the memory i guess ;\ as was foretold ;(


I am running 1.2.2 on asus r9 270 2gb. I keep waiting for it to stop though. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Nicehash now on maintenance mode …