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That may have been the problem all along. Some of the mining software builds it as it goes along but ultimately once built it has to fit. Have you tried the usual:



Nope, dump question , but where do I put those values ?
I saw a qt.conf file where I think it can go ( or maybe not )


Create a batch file in notepad and put those lines first and then the miner command e.g. mine-eth.bat:


eth -G -F


If max alloc isn’t working on your 2GB



This is the current fix for 2GB cards, they will be obsoleted on ETH soon, should still work well on EXP


Tired of Nicehash :thumbsdown:

Poloniex account created :thumbsup:
Setting Dwarfpool worker

Thanks for all the advices


This is looking like the most interesting thing to happen to mining for a long time, shame it’s only for a limited time.

And as a point of note, I don’t find the upgrade from s5 to s7 interesting, it’s all this bringing back the comparisons, people actually building rigs again.

It’s pretty cool.


Ethereum is set to move to POS but that may not be the case for Expanse - only time will tell.


I’ve been having a play with ethereum mining @nicehash just to see if I can get it to work. The conclusion is that it’s seriously messed up - not sure if I could trust my hash there.

Firstly the statistics reporting seems to be broken - I had immature and unexchanged coins on there but now they only show on the graph and not anywhere else. Looks like I mined for nothing.

Secondly I had another play today and pointed my rig at it again. So far, even though shares are being submitted, it doesn’t seem to display any information at all - 0’s across the board. This could be just that the reporting is broken atm (explaining the above too).

Lastly there seems to be a (relatively) huge delay when submitting and this caused one of the cards to cr*p out a couple of times. The GPU utilisation also drops considerably (other pools you see a drop of 2-3% on submit but for Nicehash it’s up to 50%).

Maybe it’s all just a reporting glitch but it doesn’t inspire confidence… I assume that it’s currently just running as a pool (and maybe it’s hard to integrate that into the infrastructure which is based on selling hash) so hopefully at some point you will be able to sell ethereum hash?

Would be nice to have some official comments @nicehash :slightly_smiling: You know we want to like you here!


Yeah, something’s wrong with nicehash
Look like I lost the little mining I did yesterday.
Switch from Unexchanged to Unpaid balance = zero ??
Didn’t inspire me confidence.

I flushed my DAG file and restarted fresh mining session.
Too much try and errors, got corrupted.

My GPU run great at Dwarfpool

I’m acquiring some numbers to analyse … can’t wait to put my 290 to work, look promising.



Ethereum stats are unfortunately a bit confusing for the last two days. But it’s just the stats. If you monitor your actual payouts that you received in your wallet, all should be fine. Nothing was lost, all shares have been processed and some payouts will be issued later today at 17:00 UTC.

Best regards,
NiceHash team.


Thanks for your reply

I will verify tonight, I only received my SHA256 mining
payment this morning.


Did you ever see any payment? Balances have never been credited my account for that period. I did get credit for later mining, although even that seems to be stuck as “unconverted” (which the other coins were also - until they disappeared).


Found some 7970 for $130 each, think I will start with 3 and see how it goes Already have the barebones to run them, just need to drop the cards in. Will be getting them by wednesday/thursday.

Planning on under volting them for efficiency. Will report back with findings :slight_smile:


I had a go trying to mine with my card, couldn’t get it going.


What card do you have?


I am out now, but pretty sure it’s also a 7970


Tried to mine on on Dwarf pool but I wasn’t getting any hashes, just about to watch Batman v Superman


If I sort it out will let you know, I realized that dwarf only saw hashes if you have any shares submitted. Will let you know if I get it sorted :slight_smile: enjoy the movie


The dwarfpool proxy worked better for me than just pointing direct to the pool (especially since I had 2 cards in an additional machine that I used off and on to compliment my main rig overnight). It also has the advantage of fallback should the primary pool be unavailable.

You should see a submit every 2 minutes or so, but sometimes it will take longer - other times shorter, of course.


Nothing on my side. Everything disappeared on my Nicehash Ether Stats, no mining payment, nada.

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