Ethereum Mining


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You were right it was no different with the 380X


I managed to get it to CPU mine but not GPU


Did you try the GPU again? The setx command changes the permanently stored environment variables - but they don’t come into effect in the command window they’re executed in… you need to close the command window and open a new one.


OK thanks Ill give it a try now


no joy


Which ethminer are you using?



@Ilan1 What’s the result if you try the following:

ethminer --list-devices

EDIT: You should get something like:

C:\Program Files\Ethereum 0.9.41>ethminer --list-devices

Listing OpenCL devices.
FORMAT: [deviceID] deviceName
[0] Tahiti
        CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_SIZE: 3221225472
        CL_DEVICE_MAX_MEM_ALLOC_SIZE: 2657511014

C:\Program Files\Ethereum 0.9.41>


0.9.41 I think


Do I need to type something in the CMD first to get that



Sorry I have ethminer in that dir. You have it in a folder on the desktop - there’s no path set so you’ll have to navigate to the directory that ethminer is in.

EDIT: Another thought is that windows likely won’t load the correct drivers for the cards by default. I’d grab the latest drivers from here (if you haven’t already!):


that’s right what do I type to navigate to the folder on my desktop?


downloading drivers now thanks …


Find the folder in Explorer (i.e. the folder eth under Desktop/Alt Coin Mining) highlight it and hold down shift. Right-click should give you an option to open a command window :slightly_smiling:


sorry I am doing that but cant see the option to open a command window



You’re one level too far down. It needs to be up one directory and shift right-click on the yellow eth folder :slightly_smiling:


ah got it open now