Euro dump on kraken


Has anybody seen this :

(it actually doesn’t look so bad on the 1 minute plots, but it’s still around a 5 euro drop.)

I’m still holding out for 217 :smile:


Same on the USD market on bitstamp.

Bummer and there was an uptrend before the dump.


This is where I wish I had cash to spend :frowning:



I need to change some BTC soon. Like @Daffy said, there was a clear trend. This, looks like the XPY dump 2 weeks ago… mhmmm, GHX payout… :cry:


I’m wondering if this is either a stop-loss/automatic “get out” kicking in or maybe folks are looking at the trends and thinking a crash in the price will allow them to buy back in at a lower price ready for a large rise. So many gamblers out there :smiley:


Both. Some bots are liquidating their bought position to buy in lower again and of course the day-traders would sell to buy in again lower as well.


I suspect a lot of arbitrage bots also dumped. Those trading BTC/EUR/USD/BTC