Everything Burgers


I am here. Lets have a burger.

I need to learn how to use everything so… Hopefully someone might stick in a burger picture

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Introduce Yourself!
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XPY - Paycoin Discussion - GAW DAYS
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Hummm Juicy Burga!!


When i cant decide which one… i get the trio of sliders. :yum:


And so it begins… Eat all three


I do… also been know to polish off a side of onion rings, fries &still have room for a slab of NY cheesecake.


Bloody burgers, not again, just don’t forget the pineapple


You mean beetroot


And pineapple




FYI, its just “beet.” The other part is called beet greens. I don’t care about social norms! I’m right, gosh darn it!


I’m with you @bubbamark, pineapple over beet :wink:



Because America, that’s why. You can have your pineapples and beets.


Tankjr!!! What’s up man? Great to see you here!


This looks glorious…too bad I have 4 more hours till lunch.


& by ‘pineapple’ you mean… an egg! :egg:


Finally! Since I’m such a new member I can’t upload any pictures sadly. Had a nice one :wink:

Great to see so many kind faces around here!


I learned from the radio this morning that what we call Burger King in the US, they call Hungry Jacks down under. That’s like a burger bridge between us. :slight_smile:


I think it wont be long before you are posting pics… already saw you in 2topics. & When you do i am expecting a great burger pic… hold the beetroot. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oh look a burger topic. That’s been a long time since I seen one of those.


It’s not a real forum until there’s at least one burger thread.

Welcome, I’m glad to see you here. :slight_smile: