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The “censor” burger, or the “shades of grey” burger :smiley:, never saw that movie, but my wifey wife told me about that pseudo erotic movie…so yeah

They should create an erotic burger movie :ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost:


Go to Fiddy Shades of Grey, flick mayo at random people.


Not burger, but looks good and haz bacon!


hahahah you live up to your handle

that is the best thing i have seen all week. A Turkey Gator and Bacon LOL


one meat I haven’t tasted yet… gator. Would you recommend it?


Gator tail if cooked right is The Bomb! If cooked wrong will make you wish you died. ALL fat must be removed before cooking or it will be the worst meal of your life. We cut it into small chunks, roll it in seasoned flour and deep fry it like nuggets. Edit: Pic


a guy told me once it tasted a bit like overdone chicken. looks lovely in the picture though. but then again, even old socks would look tasty when battered and deep-fried :wink:

BTW, no restaurants around here serve it, but sometimes, one of the fancy supermarkets sells the stuff. I fancy a little bit of cooking sometimes, might just give it a go. any tips or good recipes?


Make your standard batter with creole or Tonys seasoning, serve with horseradish sauce. Pretty simple to make , just be sure all the fat is off, if not the taste will be…memorable.


I love the bun and everything else [spoiler]apart from the beetroot of course…[/spoiler] :slight_smile:



Mini burgers in a mini kitchen…pretty bada$$!


Unicorn burger anyone?


Anyone ever try a "Steamed Cheeseburger?"


I saw this place on the food network. A steamed burger does not sound that appetizing, but it seemed like people Jonesed for them pretty hard. Would be interested it giving it a try. The oozy cheese looks fantastically amazing!


That’s the only part that has me. A steamed meat patty doesn’t sound to great. Give me those carcinogenic burnt crispies on the patty.


Really you only need 2 lings to cook the perfect burger, mesquite wood and a grill, everything else is just window dressing. :smile:


I kind of thought the same thing…kinda like a boiled hotdog…eh, ah, oooh…nope


Agreed. For folks in parts of the world where mesquite is uncommon, I’d allow some room to use a decent hardwood like oak. But the concept is the same. Wood charcoal and and something grill-like to keep the meat from falling in the fire. Been that way for 10’s of thousands of years.

Steaming, sous-vide, and the like? Just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should.


Awesome, GetHashing should buy that place! :slight_smile:




+1 for taking out them ugly jelly Gurken. Those are so disgusting :slight_smile: :+1: