Everything Burgers


It’s Fridaaaaaaay!!! iBurger, do You?

Grab some burgers and stick around, today is the day!


I see no beetroot


Yeah, it’s illegal in Spain :wink:


Someone committed a crime on a perfectly good pizza, worthy of the rope at the very least!


What’s that sticking out on the lower part of the right burger? Looks like Tocino or Jamón?


Bleh… is that Swiss cheese?



That is funny! Everyone knows sharp cheddar is best!


I don’t have a burger right now…but I think this is the safest room on the internet at the moment…Im just going to stare while you guys eat burgers if you don’t mind.

You gonna eat those fries?


never touch another mans fries that’s rule # 1 in bro code


Not unless you want to lose a finger right? :laughing:


I’m sure there’s an In N Out nearby.


Your gonna stare. Did u see the burger @InsaneMiner mentioned. I suggest eyes wide shut


Yea…I seen that. It reminded that they where going to make a TV show out of Brokeback Mountain…it was gonna be called " Bun Smoke"


Naaa not on my :hamburger:

@InsaneMiner HAHA love it!


WHAT!!! Swiss is the bomb on burgers…makes it feel very yerOpeean ( dang spell check )


Made my first “Juicy Lucy” burger with pepperjack cheese, if you never heard of one before, hit em up. When you make the raw burger, you put cheese in the middle, for a melted cheesy sexplosion when it is cooked. You can’t really find a good picture of these beasts but the taste is 100% worth it


Oh look… raw meat tarts. :yum:


Best. Burger. Ever.