Everything Burgers


Any buffalo meat, burger, or steak!


But where are their wings!


Anyone ever had an ostrich burger? This town nearby has a place that sells them. They suck. No flavor in the meat.


i bet they did not use beetroot

beetroot makes everything taste better

or thats what i have heard anyway


Correct it does make everything taste better

Except for xpy, only death can fix that sour taste



That looks great!!!
How do those cook on the grill?? They don’t fall apart do they??


I love that!!! Definitely will try this out this coming week!


They are kinda risky business in making sure they don’t fall apart, but yea, I used the foreman because my grill got invaded by wasps, they held up very nicely. Just have to make sure you pinch the edges well enough to kind of seal the cheese in it’s pocket :+1:

@cyberdexter do eet! I might get bold and put more than just cheese in there, can you say jalapenos?


Aight. Maybe some bacon too. Or chorizo.


Ohhhh yes I can. No spice, no dice! I love spices inc jalapeños (and chorizo) :slight_smile:


If you want to ad some spice to the meat, try some crawfish boil, I rec this if you can get it.

*Crayfish for you non Southern US folks.


Crawdads. Mud bugs.


Wait…what version was this in?


think it was the second one when he was trying to go legit and they were making jam


So, we all can probably agree that the best burgers are the ones you make. What fast food places make the best burger? I had Freddy’s over the weekend and meh. It wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. Especially for the price. I’ve always liked Carls Jr. Haven’t tried Jack In The Box’s new garlic butter burger. We have a local place called John’s Burger that makes a solid burger. In N Out is probably #1 though.


^^^This. Best Fast Food / Drive-Thru burger.




WASPS are no fun in grills.


Neo… follow the green burger…