Everything Burgers


The secret sauce :wink:

Step2 - job done. Spicy-chicken-chorizo-cheese-burger

Step3 - eat before it gets cold.


Hard to tell from the picture, but it also looks like that might be Manchego cheese, perhaps?


I would be impressed if you could tell the brand from the picture. It’s just some local cured cheese, nothing special. The chorizo was nice. :wink:


I’m good, but not THAT good. :slight_smile:

Chorizo is a wonderful thing. Both the Spain style, and the much more common in US, Mexican style.


I am absolutely hooked on the Mexican style chorizo. Extremely difficult to find the raw chorizo in my city, very upsetting. But when I go out of town for work I can pretty much eat chorizo tacos on a soft corn shell with some shredded cheese, lettuce, pico and a dab of sour cream. Salivating as I write this… Definitely one of my top 5 favorite foods, and I take my food very seriously.


Y’know them moments in life when you suddenly think “Omg, why did he have to say that…”? Yeah, that.

I’m suddenly damned hungry…


Indeed. I’m also a big fan of chorizo with eggs and potatoes for breakfast.


Don’t forget to saute a few jalopeno’s in there too. Not too much heat, but a nice, spicy kick to the whole operation (a little more kick than the chorizo provides itself). But definitely the legs and potatoes!


we live in magical times


I am embarrassed to say I had a gas station hamburger today and it was actually good. LOL
Stewart’s Shops. Surprised the hell out of me.



I know this is probably a burger thread no no but I am so craving some White Castle sliders. Doubles with onions only are my favorite. And a sack of fries!!


I love White Castle!!! Only fast food burger I’ll eat. There’s something magical about them.

When I lived in Chicago I used to pick up a sack of burgers on my way to work. They’re great any time of the day.


I don’t make it to White Castle parts of the country very often, and I’m not even gonna try the frozen ones in the supermarket. But yeah, White Castle burger are a special kind of good.


They really are awesome. But you have to have them on a Friday night or Saturday lunch because you need some time to recuperate. I guess that’s because I usually over indulge! Lol


wtf frozen burgers?


Ok. I finally had my White Castle burgers for lunch Friday and all I have to say is I am a happy camper. Not the frozen ones…lol






Short for “Jealous”