Everything Burgers


Lol. If your ever on Long Island NY let me know & we can go get some.


Thanks. Being West Coast, there’s a few places in the rest of the USA I miss: Waffle House and White Castle. Nearest Waffle House to me is near the airport in Phoenix, and nearest White Castle is in Las Vegas. Both are a plane ride or a 10+ hour drive.

I console myself knowing that we have In-N-Out Burgers, Del Taco, and Jim Boy’s Tacos that much of the rest of USA doesn’t have.


those buns on them White Castle Slippers look… wrong.

and what about the holes, do they have to be shot five times to be finally dead?


OMG they are energy efficient!


When you steam a flat blanket of beef it wants to bubble in the center.


one just never stops learning…

still, them buns…



Lol… Them buns are soft and the meat and onion flavors are kinda infused on them through the “steaming” process. You just have to try one if you ever have the opportunity. They are not for everyone though. They are sometimes referred to as “belly bombs”. Idk why…lol


Substitute the burger for some fried chicken and add some maple syrup and…yep!


Dang, look what I found on Facebook! This makes my :hamburger: look like a sandwich.

Chorizo burger. Sautéed shrimp. Chipotle mayo.

I can’t get Mexican chorizo but I sure could ship some Spanish chorizo if anyone wanted some. The thing is, they are 100% natural. No preservatives and thus thy go off (at least on the outside) rather quickly. I usually buy them fresh and then make sure to use them in 1-2 days (max).

Pictures or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:


Pictures or it didn’t happen! :slight_smile:


Pity we all live so far apart. I could send over a couple kgs of frozen Mexican chorizo in trade for a couple kgs of the Spanish kind. I’d be more worried about the Mexican kind, since it’s not cooked or cured so one Customs slowdown, missed flight, or stuck somewhere over the weekend and its ruined.

Now, if you want to find a recipie there and use local pork, I could easily send over the dried ingredients.


Hah! Never thought of freezing them.

The chorizo I buy here isn’t cooked or cured either. I had to throw some a few times already just because I forgot about them for a couple of days. Anyway I love them almost as much as the pata negra ham. :slight_smile:


Indeed. Our Southern Europe (Spain, Italy) friends pretty much wrote the book on things like Jamón and Prosciutto.


All my life I’ve been a big fan of the Parma ham from Italy since we obviously have a lot of that in Germany. I have to admit though that ever since I’ve moved to Andalusia I’m in love with the pata negra (5 pelota of course, lol). In my opinion it’s the most amazing ham in the world!


oh man, my stomach is rumbling now. absolutely brilliant stuff, with a little bit of toasted bread with some garlic and tomato rubbed on it…


Bitcoins and burgers :smile:

yes that’s a hashbrowns on top of bacon on top of a fried egg on top of burger Hmmmmmmmmmmm very tasty

Got this burger at the Ketchup burger bar in Vegas that has a sweet easy to use BTC ATM. Takes about 10 to 15 minutes to confirm a thousand dollar transaction which is just about perfect for sitting down with a nice “Morning Glory Burger” and a beer while you wait for the confirmation text to come through at the ATM

The ATM was nice and easy to use. 5% fee built into the price so no having to figure it all out. Walk up hit start button, type in your cell number, get a text code #, Type the code number in, take a picture of the QR code with your phone wallet, hit send on your phone wallet, wait for conformation text code to be sent to your phone then back to the ATM to punch in the confirmation code and collect your monies. No KYC, No scanning ID’s or palm prints. Wish I had one of these Bitaccess ATM near my home I would use it all the time.



OMG EGGY BACON BURGER, give that man a burger badge!


I second the motion.


Wait what a $404.42 burger?


no that was the price the BTC ATM was giving me for 1 BTC. It has the built in 5% fee as BTC was trading around 425$ at the time. I withdrew 800.00$ at 1.97814154 BTC

The burger was just lunch while I waited for the confirmation so I could withdraw the cash. The burger joint does not take BTC for the meal but the ATM gives you a 2 for the price of 1 burger coupon when you use it.