Exclusive 1st Review: Bitmain Antminer S7, 4.8+ th/s Only 1250W


HI Everyone,
I have my review of the Antminer S7 done now.
It is a nice miner and works well. Built like a tank in the S5 form factor. I will be following it up with a video demo and tear down in the coming days.
They do exist and they should be shipping enmass soon.
I hope you are all doing well?
Exclusive 1st Review: Bitmain Antminer S7, 4.8+ th/s Using Only 1250 Watts


I hope Bitmain ship the S7 early. Hashrate spiked at 450K Peta/Hash or 10% rise.
Dropped at 430 this morning. Hardware are probably in burn-in test.
No reason to delay shipping if they are already produced.

Thanks for sharing, nice review as usual !


Very good review. Thanks for sharing.


Very good review, thanks for sharing Scott.

Hashrate spiked at 450K Peta/Hash or 10% rise.

I switched on my Bitcoin Brothers miner earlier by mistake, my bad. Switched it off again… :wink:


I agree, I know that BitFury and KnC are rolling out new gear they won’t sell to anyone. Then you have Bitmain getting the S7s going and there is still two more manufacturers that are prepping new ASICs as well.


Spondoolies for one…


Yes, if things go well that merger with The Bitcoin Shop should do well for both companies.


How so many forget that this man was a payed reporter for the one and only J Garza of the biggest scam in crypto. Yes it was clear in the email dump that this man was paid for his services, but I suppose offer to pay back money raised from another scam person who run crypto cause and do one article on the GAW scam and all is good. I will never trust anything that comes from this hack of a so called journalist again. WHAT A JOKE!


As always, nice review Scott. I ordered an S7 on day 2 and hope it arrives early.


I’m sure I’m among the majority who disagrees with the KnC /BitFury approach. totally against the spirit and decentralization concept of BTC. Simply not cool as it doesn’t support the little guy.


Both companies are still selling their power just not their hardware. B2B business model.


True, but it does keep things more centralized. That being said with pool closures and more it will be difficult to keep it decentralized to any extent anymore.
BitFury will be going over more of their data center building with me soon. It will be interesting to see. They have been on a roll. When they got Allied Control for immersion cooling and working on more renewable energy resources. Valery has said they are in it for the long haul and they are doing some great stuff.

I think KnC gets so much crap due to the customers they ripped off by taking orders and building the data centers for themselves instead. They have several lawsuits world wide against them for that. I wonder how they will fall out.


They are nice but a bit loud. Still not as bad as the SP30 in db but loud. I dont see many people heating indoors with them.

KnC, BitFury as I replied to Cyberdexter is one of those things that not much can be done about. The good thing is that BitFury is committed to make sure the network is secure and to develop renewable energy and more when it comes to Bitcoin mining.


… That sentence is almost like reading how you portrayed another company… Are you on BitFury’s payroll also? Will they be revolutionizing the mining industry? …

For some reason, like @bubbamark mentioned earlier I think everything that comes out of your mouth must be taken with a grain of salt.

Just saying…


GAW played CCN just the same as they played everyone else… let it go guys the topic is Bitmain’s S7.


Only one week-end left before the 21.
I hope Bitmain won’t delay my S7.
4.86TH will bring nice mining revenue.
I just don’t know how I will manage the noise and the neighbor :satisfied:


Thanks for the review. Seriously considering buying an S7 to hash on speculation price will go up when trading starts around Oct. 10. Right now cost is $0.40/GH/s if price pops to $0.50 that is a quick 25% profit. Course others have the same idea.


Garza was legit; we saw the data centers;

And then… He created zencloud ; and sold more hashlets then the mining power he had ; to make things worse he invested in scrypt miners instead of sha miners wich was a bad bet as scrypt coins lost a lot of value in the comming monthes; and we know the rest of the story.

Manebjorn here was fooled as we were; he is ok to me and you guys should give him a chance.


Got my tracking number this morning :slight_smile:


Yup, me too.