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Hello Gotram,

How much are the company profit share payouts? I see the payout for the mining shares, but not for the profit sharing part.

Any one of the GH community deals with these guys?

Looking them up, and can’t find much info.



company profit is only given out end of the year.
There is no info.

Information for payouts from website. https://www.miningsweden.se/payouts/
BTC value per GH 2015-02-21 to 2015-02-27 0.00001131 BTC per share, per day and GH

Next Payout day: 2015-02-27 and includes 7 days

How to calculate your payout: Amount of mining shares X 7 days X 0.00001131 = Your Payout

Each VIP Share contains 5 mining shares of 1GH per share = 5GH


yeah, that part I had.

Doing the math, I can get same payout/day for less with some colored coins I bought from your store :slight_smile:

Unless they have “earnings” surprise by year end, but with my 6 months experience so far… 10 months is light light years away!

Was more looking for info about who are these guys, their reputation, etc.

But thanks for the info!


here I found them, the guys are on this Forum http://forum.coinbar.org/

You can contact the company.
Welcome to Mining Sweden

If you would like to contact us you can use both these e-mail adresses or the support ticket system if you have problem with the system.

For contact: info@miningsweden.se

For investments: info@miningsweden.se

For support: support@miningsweden.se

You can also call us at +46 90 695 43 00
Our office time is between 08:00 – 17:00 GMT +1 Monday – Friday


Special Sale again open.


Is this post still active ?? Let me know. You have others for the service up too. :smiley:


Sorry, no coupons are not longer valid.
May be later there will come again coupons.


Okay I will go ahead and close this one out. :slight_smile: Thanks