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Looks like f2pool is taking a break. Stats and workers just went poof. Anyone else mining on f2pool?



I was wondering the same thing. Seems like its going on and off frequently… sometimes it shows stats sometimes dont.


Looks like today is one of those days where everything just goes sideways…

Oh yeah, Friday 13th, go figure. :angry:


Yep the api is acting up. The mining seems to be not affected though


Probably not but the workers and stats vanished earlier anyway they fell back to their primary which is NH. Just odd that all the Chinese pools seem to be getting hit heavy with DDOS, BW.com as well. So that’s 50% of the networks pools under DDOS.


Yes & even though the end-user web page is problematic, the mining is continuing just fine. So far.


same here, it looks like my miners are hashing ok, but UI is intermittently showing no data.

I will continue mining there, as Antpool has been underperforming for me in comparison.


Data came back shortly after it wend and it has been a good day imho. :slight_smile:


Did f2 poof again? :zzz:


Performs CPR on this topic

Hi everybody!

As many of you may have noticed (or not) F2pool has begun merge mining several coins with both their SHA and scrypt pools. For many, this is a neat bonus, but honestly, some of us/you may not want to deal with those coins, or may not even be taking advantage of them. If you fall into that category, or if you want an easy way to contribute to GH, feel free to set your payout addresses for those coins to the GH addresses. Those coins will be wrangled into GHCoinEx and contribute to payouts.

NMC = NBwfkNqC835u3xkByBhnz78wPnzGNk43SY
IXC = xjALLHoss1Q3SvSaZjPq4f1C982SJdmRhb
HUC = HVqfw44Yoi9bvwbFGtpSiNLj1vV7mtpGJB

@cyberdexter told me that the I0C address wasn’t getting recognized by F2pool, so maybe more to come if that ever gets figured out.

Full disclosure: I decided to “donate” the merge-mining from my F2pool account that has a few S3 on it. I also own a good chunk of GHX. Also, I sometimes have weird dreams where I wake up in a house that isn’t my own. That has nothing to do with anything else in this post, but you know, full disclosure…


Yup - i had the same issue when i tried to update on f2.

Is there something wrong with f2 stats to day? Last time I looked (30 mins ago), they hadn’t found a block since very late yesterday.


very nice post :+1: :100:

Where did you see that? According to my own stats (and from the balance on Ant and f2) both have been doing very well over the last 24h.

On this 6h block chart Ant and f2 have been running hot for the last 3 days and on the right you see the stats for the block finders of the last 6 hours.


Phew- glad to hear that. f2’s stats page must not be updating. It still shows the last block as 15802 found on 2015-05-12 at 23:31:03. I’m guessing you have an api feed for your stats. Glad to see it’s still working :slight_smile:
Ya- I’ve been running my rigs on AntPool mostly when they’re not rented. But I did have one on F2 pool thru the night… as I saw it had good luck recently too.

AntPool has been on a fantastic run of luck.:slight_smile: Hope it continues.

EDIT: to check f2’s block stats, it looks like i should use this link (instead of their own site) :


We pull the found blocks directly from the blockchain and filter the output as we need it. It’s a new backend toy we’re working on for GHfarm.

Ya- I’ve been running my rigs on AntPool mostly when they’re not rented. But I did have one on F2 pool thru the night… as I saw it had good luck recently too.

GHfarm was pretty much balanced between the two as well with a little more power on Ant. Sure was a nice ride. AntPool has been on a fantastic run of luck.:slight_smile: Hope it continues.

Also don’t forget that f2pool pays by PPS with 4% fee so it doesn’t really matter if they find blocks or not. You’ll get paid anyway. Approx 0.0096 / TH so roughly 96-97% of what you’d get at 100% pool luck


We are increasing Ixcoin and I0coin payout: Mine 1 BTC, Get 2 IXC and 2 I0C. Please enjoy.

Awesome! If f2 would now also realize that you can’t add I0coin addresses to your profile then this would be actually a cool update.


f2pool to reduce doge payouts by 20% in an effort to reduce overall share of scrypt hashrate on the network due to community concerns.

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f2pool update:

Good news: From June 11, NMC/IXC/I0C payout will be increased to BTC × 5. That is, Mine 1 Bitcoin Get 5 NMC + 5 IXC + 5 I0C + 5 HUC.

Also, our litecoin hashing power is getting too big lately. We have to reduce our dogecoin payout by 20% due to the LTC/DOGE 51% concerns. You must fill the payout address to get the merged coins. Thanks.


f2pool update:

Due to 51% concerns, dogecoin payout will be further decreased to LTC × 600 and Bitcoin miners please enjoy even higher NMC/IXC/I0C payout at BTC × 6.


wow, suck it scrypt. Now if only the NMC/IXC/I0C actually mattered, hahaha.


NMC and IXC actually make for a nice bonus and as for I0C, still haven’t been able to add a Cryptsy I0C address to f2 so we’re not getting those :cry: