f2pool Discussion


Yeah what’s up with the I0C addy? Damn annoying.


There are two I0C. The I/OCoin listed on cryptsy and trex is NOT the one F2 has listed for merge-mining.


Didn’t know that, thanks.


Well, anyone got a link to “the” coin then?


aye, but it’s not anywhere nice.

From what I’ve seen this is the most recent resurrect of the coin. Then I/OCoin came and really screwed everyone up.

That’s the only exchange I can find that lists it. It won’t even let me create an account though, so who knows what’s up there.


Thanks for digging up the info. I guess we’ll just skip that one then.


f2pool update:

Namecoin and Ixcoin payout to be increased further in August. Mine 1 BTC, Get 8 NMC + 8 IXC + 5 HUC. I0coin support is discontinued.

PPS payout 0.00923514 BTC / Thash/s per day since last difficulty adjustment.


f2pool added Emercoin as bonus payout. I enjoy the extra alt-coin, money to gamble on exchange.
Also double LTC payout :slight_smile: