Factom Linux - The World's first Blockchain Operating System (BOS


Spotted on r/Bitcoin. Looks very interesting!

We love Debian, but the ePlug (Meshnet + Crypto + Distributed Computing) only needs a super-tiny, crypto-secured OS, one that is constantly penetration-testing itself and is self-healing. The IoT is very insecure right now and I want to help fix that, one that cannot be controlled by any corporation or other malicious central entity…
I would like to gather your thoughts on this BOS project. I have written up a preliminary Whitepaper, along with some assistance on it from the Team at Factom. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts here on Reddit, thank you :slight_smile:

http://kencode.de/projects/ePlug/Factom-Linux-Whitepaper.pdf (Work in progress)
http://kencode.de/projects/ (To keep up to date)

Just the thought of a self-healing OS/Server makes me nerdgasm.


Very intrested…much drool.


I really have to have a look at this…

@cyberdexter I am going to be busy for a couple of days


Nice find. It appears I have some reading to do. :smile:


Nice project but what use cases will this have? If it’s just the fact that it cannot be controlled by one person/entity. Everybody is so excited with blockchain technology and I still don’t get the advantages I only see disadvantages. Having to sync a blockchain with 100thousands of blocks just to get some tidbit of information seems like a lot of overkill. I never understood why they did not build in some kind of search directly into the wallet and API now every time you need to find something on a blockchain you need to first download everything and then one by one go inspect the blocks. A simple index on addresses and txid would be very trivial to build into the wallets so why is this not done yet?


I feel the same about the disadvantages in this situation. Most of the comments from the lead in the project are about anti-malware/virus protection. Which is great, but yeah having an OS do a check sum all the time constantly with a super chain-firewall doesn’t have a great utility right now.

My opinion though this is just the first prototype using the blockchain/OS concept. Most likely we’re years away from a working utility to it.


Even for a first prototype it use will get more difficult over time because of the growth of the blockchian. Granted the blockchain technology is great as a ledger for financial transactions but that is about it. I see other use cases as just novelty experiments just for the fun of it and because it’s a new technology. There have been other cases in the past. Using some technology that is really not suitable for the kind of application it is used for.